The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): a Shocking Case of Plagiarism

Created on 2016-02-20 20:27

Published on 2016-02-20 21:36

"Key factor to create a successful partnership? Trust! Build trust between partners" so the EIT says.
Hypocrisy is reaching surrealistic proportions.

Dear All,

The EIT is the emergent part of an iceberg. Euroscience, Foresight and the EIT are so-called European Institution initiatives - created and further developed during the Barroso Presidency - that were directly inspired from my work without the slightest economic recognition in complete violation of intellectual property rights. Legal action is therefore being considered against DG EAC and the EIT for plagiarism. As if this was not enough, the "Open Science" initiative has been recently created by DG Research and Innovation, also inspired from my work without the slightest economic recognition. Enough is enough!

I owe a great deal to many at the European Institutions but there have always been unscrupulous opportunistic characters often holding key positions who have done - and are still doing - even under emergency circumstances more harm to Europe, the European Institutions and myself than anything else. These should be dismissed and replaced.

The general and shared impression is that some at the EU Institutions have turned my ideas into theirs, reinventing the wheel under another label but of course with much more substantial financial means, political power/support and an army of administrative/PR staff at their disposal. “They” thus had no trouble creating a “new initiative/institution” in no time at all. [The New Capacity Building Programme needed thirty years’ hard work often under shocking working and living conditions in Flanders because of the politico-linguistic apartheid and ostracism exacerbated by Flemish nationalism. Interesting to note that the EIT attracts unscrupulous Flemish opportunists in Belgium... A common philosophy perhaps. Yet another Trojan Horse in the EU Institutions.] This is a clever way to buffer/absorb collective citizen participation momentum and try to keep the Institutions’ control of the situation and initiatives. The fact is that the citizens are realising this.

One MEP asked me what could the EU Institutions now do for us? My best advice would be a request: some at the European Institutions should look in the mirror. Trust is lost. Suspicion prevails. Regaining the citizens' trust is vital. Unfortunately, we are still light-years away.

The EIT built on another’s ideas without the slightest economic recognition shall create and sustain international suspicion and distrust that shall in turn fall on any person or organisation/institution/company associated with it. The problem is that “some” thought that they were all powerful and could do anything as they pleased. This is despotism. So please don’t blame me for what is happening now.

The European Union is more of a European Disunion. There is tension in just about every area and the competition in all sectors is very far from healthy. The EIT is a clear illustration. The best hope for Europe is in what I call “the transition” and this is what I have undertook to facilitate as the Integrator. You may wish to read my last post on LinkedIn: The World Ticking Time Bomb and the Future of Europe.

A New European Governance - with New People and Collective Citizen Participation - is urgently needed.

Best regards,


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