Global Challenges of the Third Millennium

Created on 2021-08-14 06:02

Published on 2021-08-14 06:05

The UN/EU System's Glaring Incompetence

Dear All,

Three selected posts "Global Challenges of the Third Millennium" (out of fifty) were recently published to help you understand what is going on behind the scenes, what can be done and how:

Global Challenges of the Third Millennium (1): Covid-19
Global Challenges of the Third Millennium (2): Conflict
Global Challenges of the Third Millennium (3): Climate Change.
Global Challenges of the Third Millennium (n = 50): Food

Common denominator:

There was/is a solution for each of the fifty global challenges
Each solution was/is systematically blocked by the UN/EU System
Absence of any global governance tool
World "helpless - hopeless" mindset
Stunned scared apathetic over-stressed world population
World social burnout...?

Missing Link:

NCBP Task Force ---> Foundations of the NCBP = an independent interactive highly articulate New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI) set up with and not imposed on the citizens based on mutual trust in a common referential: achieving and sustaining eight billion interconnected human beings' well-being and quality of life at personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels.


Worldwide dispersed zoom meetings, publications, comments, "likes", ...: fragmented efforts with no global impact. NOT a priority today!
LinkedIn = Intellectual Entertainment. Facebook = Social Entertainment. NCBP = Action beyond intellectual and social entertainment.
a NGGI = a reliable resilient foundation for maximum global impact
a NGGI can still save our civilisation.
a NGGI is a Top Priority
Top Priority: getting eight billion human beings together!
"Power comes from coordinated collective action of powerless citizens... Think of the power of eight billion interconnected powerless citizens..."

NCBP Task Force Membership Applications open. NCBP Task Force: Open Call

Recommended reading:

UN/EU System's Coronavirus Global Response Debunked. Aggressive "Vaccine" Strategy Openly Questioned
IMNRC & NCBP International Support. Open Call

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