World Covid-19 Crisis 2021. Solution to a full blown global complex challenge = ?


A solution to a full blown global complex challenge is beyond the competence of specialised experts in any specific field: medicine, science, immunology, virology, psychology, law, politics, ...

The world needs Interface Experts.

This requires Interface Education: not provided by an existing obsolete outdated educational system that is still mainstream thanks to powerful politico-financial vested interests. See The Worldwide Educational System: Perhaps The Greatest Swindle Of All Times. Why?

Interface Education - optimising the mindset for complex avant-garde holistic integrated interdisciplinary challenge processing - is provided by the IMNRC asbl/vzw (non profit) based in Tervuren, near Brussels, Flemish Brabant, Belgium.

Unidisciplinary education has had its time. Specialised skills have had their time. Specialised experts have had their time. Time for Interface Experts. Interface Experts are needed for Plan B for example. See: IMNRC Article "World Covid-19 Crisis 2021: Plan B" that was initially censored.

Interface Education shall become the Education Of Tomorrow.

The IMNRC is seeking partners in academia/institutions worldwide interested in holistic interdisciplinary education to create the first ever Pilot International Interface Research Centre (IIRC). I can be contacted by PM and my professional email can be sent on request.

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