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1. Cariati, Andrea


Specialist in General Surgery;

Doctor in Research at the University of Siena. Medical Director of I level of the General and Colo-Rectal Surgery Department

Department of General and Colo-rectal Surgery, Villa Scassi Hospital

Corso O. Scassi, 1



Personal address preferred for correspondence:

Via Fratelli Coda 67/5 sc. A




Areas on interest: Hepato-biliary diseases; Gallstones and biliary infections; Lymphedema; Microcirculation; Cerebral microcirculation; Colo-proctological diseases. Italy
2. Castro Caldas, Alexandre

Professor of Neurology  

President of the International

Neuropsychological Society




Area of interest: Clinical Neuroscience Portugal
3. Cepkolenko Vladimir A.



Director of Ukrainian Institute on Aesthetic Medicine


(tel.: +482-384088)

Area of Interest: aesthetic surgery, telemedicine, e-health, distant medical consultations, anti-aging therapy Ukraine
4. Cetrulo, Ricardo


Methodology on qualitative research/Philosophy / Sciences of Religion / Social Sciences


President of  Instituto del Hombre, Center for an Alternative Reflexion

State Univesity

Joaquín Requena 1204,

1200 Montevideo



Area of interest: 1. Research on an alternative paradigm conducive to emancipation in the Social Sciences: a qualitative and holistic approach from the newtonian mechanistic view to that of complexity. - 2. The contribution of the Critical Social Sciences to the problem of health: from alienation to human recuperation. - 3. Qualitative approach in Social Sciences research. Education at stake: a turning point. Uruguay
5. Chakravarthy, Usha


Ophthalmology and Vision Science Queen's University Belfast, Directorate of Ophthalmology, Royal Hospitals, BT12 6BA  


mailto:U. Chakravarthy@queens-belfast. ac. uk

An integrated approach to a visually disabling disorder: European Populations Action on age-related Macular degeneration of the Eye


6. Chen, Shi-Ming

Associate Professor 

Head of Neural Stem Cell Lab.

Research Group of Neurodegenerative Diseases,

Department of Pharmacology

Institute of Materia Medica (IMM),

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) & Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)

No.1 Xian Nong Tan Str. Beijing 100050


mailto: chenshiming2008@yahoo.com.cn




Area of interest: 1.Establishing new high throughout models of therapies of Alzheimer's disease (AD) using human embryonic brain neural stem cells (NSC) fats cultured by ourselves, such as promoting NSC cell proliferation, anti-apoptosis and signal transduction and gene transfection which 4 major mutation genes (PS1, PS2, APP, and ApoE4) caused AD will be transferred NSC and C17.2 stem cell line to screen and find new drugs of therapies of AD by Chinese medicines and new chemicals.

2. Application studies of neural stem cell transplantation by establishing AD rat models and AD transgene rat models, in order to use AD patients. Human embryonic brain NSC cell transplantation and new pharmacotherapy can be integrally used to cure AD by rat models of AD. These two methods of AD therapies will be applied to clinical AD patients in order to achieve the aim of curing AD.

7. Chendov, Boris



Principal Coordinator of the International Methodology of Mathematical Modelling (MMM) Seminars


e-mail: ...

Area of Interest: Mathematical Logic  Bulgaria
8. Churnosov, Michael 



Head of Medical Biological Disciplines Department

Medical Biological Disciplines Department. Belgorod State University

Pobedy street, 85. 10th Build. 308015. Belgorog.


e-mail: churnosov@bsu.edu.ru 

Area of Interest: A. Research interests: Population genetic studies of gene pool structure of the Eastern Slavic populations (Central Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia) using by genetic markers (biochemical, molecular-genetic, population-demographic), participation of genetic and environmental factors in development of common diseases (nephritis, fibromyoma, diabetes, bronchitis). - B. Research areas: molecular genetics, population genetics, biochemical genetics, ethnogenomics, medical and clinical genetics, ecological genetics, genetics of complex diseases. Russia
9. Colak, Ilhami

Associate Professor 

Head of Power Systems Group

Gazi University  





Area of Interest: Machine Control, Power Electronics, Control Systems, Computer Programming, Power Factor Correction, System Modelling, Clean Energy, Energy Saving, Electro Magnetic Compatibility, Biomedical Engineering Turkey
10. Constantin, Dumitru


Central Military Clinic Hospital,

Clinic of Neurology,

Calea Plevnei, 134, R 77103,sect.1,Bucharest



Area of interest: Parkinson disease (we research the therapeutic effect of Sarizotan on dyskinesias induced by L-dopa), the effect of Interferon beta 1b in multiple sclerosis, treatment with topiramat in Epilepsy, neurosonology in stroke Rumania
11. Cooper, J. M.


Department of Electronics, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8LT


mailto: jmcooper@elec.gla.ac.uk




Area of interest: ion-channel experiments, ion-channel phenomena and cell-ion interaction, nanoscience and nanotechnology, Brownian-dynamics simulation, development of simulation software packages - ion channel experiments, the modeling and simulation software Scotland
12. Costuleanu, Marcel

Professor of Pathophysiology 

University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Gr. T. Popa"

16, University Str., P.O. Box 5004, RO-6600, Iasi,



Involvement of RGS in brain development and functions



13. Csöregi, Elisabeth


Lund University, Center of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Department of Biotechnology, P. O. Box 124, S-221 00 Lund 


Integrated project: Monitoring of Neuro-Signal Transduction in Brain Systems



14. Culic, Milka

Research Professor

Institute for Biological Research, 29.novembra 142, Belgrade


Area of Interest: Plasticity of the brain in posttraumatic recovery, epilepsy and ageing. Neuronal rhythmic activity: analysis and modeling.     

Serbia &