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1.  Eboko, Chantal  Chemical analyst

Laboratoires Thissen

e-mail: c-eboko@yahoo.com

Url: website

Area of Interest: biology - biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.  Cameroon
. Eboko, Yves  Manager: Agricultural Business & Satellite Communications - Activist 

Address N°1: bloc p / N°53 rue du DIANA, biyem-assi rond-point express, Yaoundé/Cameroon

Address N°2: B.P 658 MINEFI Yaoundé/Cameroon

Address N°3: 17, rue du pasteur CHARENSOL, 7340 Colfontaine, Belgium

e-mail: yeboko@yahoo.com  

Area of Interest: agribusiness - satellite communication network - promoting local national development. Cameroon
. Edvinsson, Leif  Adjunct Professor (Intellectual Capital Dpt., Lund) University.

First Chairman of Kreapreneur®.

Inspirator and CEO of UNIC - Universal Networking Intellectual Capital. 

Url: http://www.unic.net 

Area of Interest: measuring and managing the intellectual capital of communities. Sweden
. Egny, Appolinaire  Computer programmer & Web developer / Economist


e-mail: ...


Area of Interest: I have set up a successful website dedicated to the Ivory Coast which includes articles on politics, literature, culture, etc. The site aims to show the richness of Africa through its wisdom, literature, culture, music, etc. The website contains excerpts from primary texts as well as proverbs/wisdoms and news both from the continent and around the world. There is a large section about HIV/AIDS. Ivory Coast
. Eichler, Jerry


Dept. of Life Sciences

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

P.O. Box 653

Beersheva 84105




Url: website

Areas of Interest: Archaeal protein targeting and secretion export. Membrane protein insertion in Archaea. Astrobiology, exobiology. Halophilic microorganisms. Israel
. Elmas, Cetin


Gazi University

Faculty of Technology, Electrical Dept.

Besevler 06500, Ankara





Area of Interest: Power electronics, electrical machines and drives, intelligent control, fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithm, web-based distance learning, digital signal processing, and engineering technology education, energy conversion and management.   Turkey
. Englander, Tibor

Professor & 

Researcher in Psychology


Dorozsmai Köz 18

1142 Budapest


e-mail: seng@mtapi.hu  

Area of Interest: psychology Hungary
. Esteve, François


European Synchrotron Radiation Facility,Medical Beamline
BP 220, 38043 GRENOBLE cedex




Synchrotron Radiation for Disease Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy France
. Evelpidou, Niki



Scientific coordinator

Remote Sensing Laboratory, University of Athens, Panepistimiopolis, Zografou,




Url: website

Area of Interest: The Remote Sensing Laboratory develops cognitive objects in a research level, which belong in the sections of Mathematic Geography, Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Applications. More specifically the research activity of the Laboratory is tuned, in three directions: 1. Greece
. Ewing, Rodney


William Kerr Collegiate Professor

Department of Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Department of Geological Sciences

2355 Bonisteel Boulevard

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2104




Url: website

Area of Interest: radiation effects caused by heavy-particle interactions with crystalline materials (e.g., ion-beam modification of ceramics and minerals); the structure and crystal chemistry of complex Nb-Ta-Ti oxides; the crystal chemistry of actinide and fission product elements, the application of "natural analogues" to the evaluation of the long-term durability of radioactive waste forms and the release and transport of radionuclides; the low-temperature corrosion of silicate glasses; the neutronics and geochemistry of the natural nuclear reactors in Gabon, Africa U.S.A.