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1. Kalueff, Allan V 


Anatomy Department

Medical School,

University of Tampere

Tampere 33014


e-mail: avkalueff@inbox.ru

Area of Interest: Neurogenetics, Behavioural neuroscience, Neurochemistry (GABA) and biological psychiatry (anxiety, depression) Finland
2. Kalva, Zdenek



Charles University & the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Jilska 1 (entrance Husova 4)

11000 Praha 1


e-mail: kalva@cts.cuni.cz 

Area of Interest: boundary problems of physics - transdisciplinary studies integrating roots of physics and astronomy, space and time, ethics, social artistic therapy, ... Czech Republic






Engineer & Co-Founder



The Arab Association for the Promotion & Advancement of the Quality of Life

P.O.Box: 160,Kufer-Yassif 24908


e-mail: karayanni@arabqual.org 


Url: http://www.arabqual.org 

Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences and Engineering Waste Water Treatment, Plant Pathology and Agriculture, Microbiology, Biofilm Bioremediation, Molecular and Tumour Biology, and Information Systems







4. Karlic, Heidrun  Professor

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Leukaemia Research im Hanuschkrankenhaus der Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse, Heinrich Collinstraße 30, A-1140 Vienna.

e-mail: heidrun.karlic@chello.at 

URL1: http://www.drkarlic.com/  URL2: http://members.aon.at/lbifluh/ 


Area of Interest: Investigation of basic molecular and cell biological features of blood cells. Austria
. Kassi, Roger G. 

Energy Economist


32 Lambton Close, Hollow Way,Oxford 0X4 2PS



e-mail: rgkassi@yahoo.co.uk 

Area of Interest: i. The impacts of inefficient exploitation of mineral and petroleum on the economy (resources curse) and poor redistribution of national income - ii. The regulatory framework of international business transaction issues - iii. International development in energy policy (energy policy issues and policy objectives) - iv. Financial risks and analysis for petroleum and mineral ventures - v. Commercial contracts in international oil and gas industry - vi. Trans-national investment law and policy - vii. Upstream and downstream energy laws and policies - viii. Petroleum Policy and Economics issues - ix. Energy and mining finance issues - x. International fiscal system and production sharing agreements - xi. International energy projects finance and the role of the international finance agencies - xii. Mineral and petroleum taxation issues - xiii. Oil, gas and international politics - xiv. Energy infrastructures in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA): The case of Natural Gas projects, private participation and SSA governments policy implications. Ivory Coast


Kebza, Vladimir


National Institute of Public Health, Šrobárova 48, 100 42 Prague 10


Psychosocial Determinants of Human Health in the European Area

Czech Republic



. Kerobyan, Khanic



1) Associate Professor - Department of Computer Sciences - Russian Armenian Slavon State University

2) Head - Department of Information Technologies - Yerevan branch MESI



e-mail: ...

Area of Interest: applications of methods of research operation, analysis and design of adaptive interfaces for systems, queuing theory, methods of modeling, analysis and optimization for stochastic systems, Markovian and semi-Markovian decisions processes and their applications. Armenia
. Kim, Bum-Koog Doctor & Professor

Daegu Science College, 390 Taejeon-dong, Puk-gu, Daegu

Url: Website

e-mail: bkkim@tsc.ac.kr 

Areas of interest: speech analysis and recognition, pattern recognition, computer communication Korea (South)
. Kirilyuk, Andrei


Senior Research Scientist

Institute of Metal Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Solid State Theory Department

36 Vernadsky Avenue, Kyiv-142, Ukraine 03142



A.P. Kyrylyuk

Post Box 115


Ukraine 01030

E-mail: kiril@metfiz.freenet.kiev.ua




Area of interest: Universal science of complexity (including applications); Extended dynamical chaos, self-organization, fractals; Complete causal quantum (wave) mechanics (including unified, causal relativity, gravity, cosmology) and its applications, including real quantum machines and nanostructures; Complex-dynamical, creative genetics and biology (dynamically emerging life functions); Emerging complex-dynamic intelligence and consciousness; Rigorous, complex-dynamic development concept, including causally complete ecology and consistent meaning of (past and future) civilisation development.

Keywords: Chaos; Genetics; Genomics; Nanotechnology; Quantum Mechanics; Quantum Physics; Solid State Physics; Sustainable Development;
Complexity; Consciousness; Intelligence; 

. Kisswani, Abdullah  Director

Center of Citizenship and Democratic Transformation 

The Office of the Society of Democracy and Community Development (SDCD). 

e-mail: ...

Area of Interest: working with Panorama Jerusalem office, coordinator for Jerusalem project. Palestine
. Kolker, I.A.





e-mail: kolker@list.ru 

Area of Interest: distant education and social rehabilitation of children suffering from cerebral palsy. Also is interested in neurosciences focussed on mentioned problem. Ukraine
. Komarek, Stanislav  Professor

Faculty of Natural Sciences Charles University (Přírodovědecká fakulta UK)12000 Praha 2, Viničná 7

e-mail: komarek@natur.cuni.cz 

Area of Interest: questions associated with the progress of natural sciences (biology) with the dynamics of evolutionary ideas within the society exhibiting the structure and psychological background of dissemination of individual notions and derived structure of language. Czech Republic


Konstas, Tasos

Associate Professor

Department of Ophthalmology, AHEPA University Hospital Thessaloniki 541 24


Deciphering the pathobiology of exfoliation syndrome/glaucoma.




Kononenko, Igor


Head of Laboratory for Cognitive Modelling

University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Computer and Information Science

Trzaska 25, 1000 Ljubljana





Area of interest: Studying subtle energies using Kirlian camera, dark field microscopy and data mining, studying Alternative medicine and relation between Science and Spirituality



. Khoroshaya, Irina 

Postgraduate Student


Medical Biology, Genetics and Ecology Department. 

State Medical University. 

Karl Marx street, 3. 

305041. Kursk. 


e-mail: igood@front.ru 

Area of Interest: A. Research interests: genetic and biochemical markers of peptic ulcer disease, genetic polymorphisms of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in complex human diseases, biomonitoring human populations exposed by environmental chemicals, pharmacogenetic studies of individual drug efficiency in the management of complex diseases, individual genotype-based therapy, quantitative genetics of complex human traits. - B. Research areas: genomics, proteomics, membranology, molecular genetics, quantitative genetics, medical and clinical genetics, ecological genetics, genetic toxicology, pharmacogenomics, gastroenterology, biochemistry, ecology of nutrition. Russia


Kotolupov, Viktor


Kotolupov Psychotherapy and Alternative Healing Co., Vipava



Loss of energy in the body and the resulting impairment of information transfer. Effect on the development of disease (Lecture)


. Koval, N.F.

Specialist ICT for Hospitals


e-mail: nickolayk@mail.ru 

Area of Interest: problems of distant learning.

. Kudentsova, Galina 



Assistant:  Oncology Department,  Kursk State Medical University

Pediatric oncologist: Kursk Regional Oncology Center


Oncology Department. State Medical University. Karl Marx street, 3. 305041. Kursk


e-mail: GV_K@list.ru 


Area of Interest: A. Research interests: studying modern methods of diagnostic and treatment of different oncologic pathologies in adults and children, influences of genetic and environmental factors on the cancer development, biomonitoring oncophathologies in Kursk region, environmental-based management of cancer development, population and demographic parameters and prevalence of neoplasms in Kursk region, involvement of pesticides into formation of malignant diseases, a role of spontaneous mutagenesis in malignant neoplasms. - B. Research areas: oncology, population genetics, genetic epidemiology, demographic processes, quantitative genetics, oncogenetics, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis, environmental cancerogens, ecological genetics. Russia


Kureichik, Victor M.


Vice-President of TSURE

44, Nekrasovsky lane, GSP-17A, Taganrog, 347928






Area of Interest: Simulated Evolution - Genetic Algorithms - Neural Science - Artificial Intelligence – Neurocomputing - Neural Networks - Data Mining - Neural Fuzzy Systems - Computer-Aided Design of VLSI



Kyriakides, Zenon


Director, Cardiac Cath Lab; Deputy Director, B' Cardiology Department; Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, 356 Sygrou Ave., GR-17674 Athens


Area of interest: role of endothelin and VEGF in microvascular vascular remodelling in diabetics