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Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks (CWINs)


Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks (CWINs) illustrate the IMNRC's undergoing efforts to make World Society Well-Being & Quality of Life a practical reality.

We human beings form an integral part of this World. A human being may be alone... but never isolated: he/she would die. Isolation is an illusion created by his/her own Mind. The trouble is that this illusion can be very convincing, has and continues to create serious communication problems, with the environment and just between human beings. These artificial barriers are enforced by The System. Dissolve these barriers, dissolve The System... 

This shall enable you to understand another basic fact: we are the World and the World is us. Change the World, change one human being. Change ONE human being, change the World.

CWINs mobilise Organisations, Institutions, ... and The Population throughout the World to deal with important challenges the Human Being may be faced with that not only affect Society Well-Being and Quality of Life, but that the limited scope of conventional/traditional focussed and fragmented protocols/approaches has been unable to solve to this day in 2020. The enormous creative potential of these CWINs should succeed where others have failed by offering a more articulate, constructive and less competitive/oppressive approach to understanding. 


CWINs question present research strategy, cry out against the prevailing inertia, indifference, lack of coordination and hypocrisy regarding some major issues that directly affect World Society Well Being and Quality of Life. Some may have been keeping up appearances for too long... CWINs may and do embarrass; but that's too bad. Besides, this is nothing compared to what some patients/people have to endure - or have gone through - day after day.

CWINs insist on the direct and complete participation/integration of ALL concerned regarding the particular challenge (CWIN 1, CWIN 2, CWIN 3, ...) at hand. This implies of course the patient(s)/victims themselves, if the challenge is medical and/or non-medical respectively. 

CWINs are completely interdisciplinary: i.e. they do NOT focus exclusively on one possible treatment (e.g. stem cells) - or one unique solution - to a given problem, but explore ALL possibilities. These are coordinated, synchronised, compared and articulated on a World Level. Such a modus operandi may not only uncover totally new ways yet unheard of in dealing with that particular issue, but also accelerate the path to success. Indeed, in some cases, the solution may be extraordinarily simple (like a simple key to a series of highly complex reactions), but the latter would not have been found - or anyway not until much, much later) if the integrated interdisciplinary approach had not been adopted. 

There are now nine CWINs:

CWIN 1: Muscular Dystrophy. Parents appeal directly to the NewPOL Network. Can the international scientific and medical research community collaborate to save two boys? [Read More]. 

CWIN 2: Earthquakes, Tsunami, Hurricanes, ... and their devastating human consequences. [Read more].

CWIN 3: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

CWIN 4: Cancer

CWIN 5: Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

CWIN 6: Alternating Hemiplegia in Childhood

CWIN 7: Parkinson's Disease

CWIN 8: Alzheimer's Disease

CWIN 9: Conflict

CWIN 10: The Covid-19 Pandemic

CWIN 11: Happy Localities (Smart Cities) 


These major world interdisciplinary challenges for the NewPOL Network shall undoubtedly prove most instructive to the International Community.


Who shall participate? What country? What Organisation? Which Labs? Which Establishments / Institutions? Shall "The Best Known" be "The First" to volunteer? If not, are "The Most Outstanding" really "The Most Outstanding" in their respective area of expertise? Are their reputations really deserved? Are their "Outstanding Achievements" of any use to the community? Are the World-Class Institutions of The Past still the same Today? Are those who are sooooo(!) concerned with Society Well-Being and Quality of Life REALLY concerned...? Perhaps the only motivation is just to add yet another publication - that not many can understand anyway - to their bibliography to gain further recognition by their peers or for their own posterity? 

ALL the Organisations/Institutions/Universities that have been contacted regarding a particular CWIN shall be listed and given full publicity (during International Workshops & Conferences) describing their active efforts or lack of interest for that particular CWIN. 

Of course, this is just the case of a mother watching her two boys dying before her eyes (CWIN 1) or preventing the death of thousands of poor people (CWIN 2) or an 87 year old lady suffering from locally invasive bladder cancer (CWIN 4-1). So why all the fuss? 


CWIN 1 was launched a few years ago at a time when the NewPOL Network was not fully structured. Even so, the inertia and indifference regarding the fate of the two boys was quite staggering. [Read more...]

CWIN 2 has not been launched yet. [Read more...]

CWIN 4 ---> CWIN 4-1. Evidence that the CWIN Principle works: an elderly lady recovers from locally invasive Bladder Cancer. A critical assessment of EBM. [Read more...]


Ideally speaking, we are not yet fully equipped for ANY CWINs.


CWINs are practical applications of the NewPOL Network Paradigm that has yet to be clearly formulated: this shall be one of the main conclusions of the IMIRC in 2008 [China]. Only THEN shall we be in a position to devise the Interface Assimilation Programme (IAP), a completely new highly sophisticated holistic integrated interdisciplinary Program of exceptional potential, a Learning Module that shall not only be far more adapted to the human being's potential and needs, but that shall also render present educational institutions and systems quite obsolete.

The projects that shall emerge from the IAP shall be incomparably more original and creative than what traditional education has succeeded in submitting so far. The IAP shall in fact represent one of the Main Research Programs of the first pilot IMNRC (please refer to PART III of the IMIRC). 

This first IMNRC, however, with its new avant-garde technology and conception has not even been designed and constructed yet and no one is going to wait until it is.

A compromise can be found by launching a few CWINs, but with the basic philosophy of the NewPOL Network Paradigm in mind. Care must indeed be taken not to transform this enterprise into a project that just facilitates fragmentation on a gigantic scale.

The CWINs have a high educational value and may also give us useful feedback for establishing the above-mentioned program.


The following shall often refer to CWIN 1 as an illustration, but the basic principle can be applied to any CWIN of course.

I guess you all remember BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy = Mad Cow Disease) and vCJD (variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease)? The truly novel concepts emerging from Prion science forced researchers and society to think in unusual ways and made coping with the epidemic difficult. The objectives behind the CWINs are not only similar but go much further: they endeavour to create a World Consciousness. How? Simple: interfaces.

This reminds me of a speech from a UK External Relations Commissioner: "There is no real alternative to the UN system of values and international rules that was set in place and agreed by world leaders to preserve global security."

Now you all know that there is: the NewPOL Network Paradigm and its universal tool, interfaces.

To get back to the CWINs, the latter endeavour to harmonise and coordinate the efforts of the World Community regarding an issue of World Importance that concerns the Human Being (i.e. ourselves) directly and therefore World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life.

The "enemy" is not another human being, it is not a research colleague you are trying to outsmart in your own company or research institution, it is not a lab at another University in your country, it is not a University in another country. The "enemy" - in the case of CWIN 1 - is Muscular Dystrophy (MD) and the issue at stake is saving these two boys.

Forget all the rest.

The CWIN makes you feel directly responsible for the fate of these two children as human beings: that is, one of US, believe it or not...! These children make up the world just as we do. They (and we) are the world, and the world is them (us). Save these two children, save all the other children in the same situation.

The CWIN awakens a cross-cultural awareness of the problems and existence of others: a concern without frontiers. The fact that two children (and through them, all the others with this ailment) are directly concerned may make this initiative less abstract to the International Community.

A CWIN offers the advantage of coordinating research on a world level: who does what, how and why? There is not much point having 20 researchers using the same modus operandi with the same idea regarding their approach concerning P MD. We could organise four groups of five colleagues who are PMD research oriented to examine radically different approaches and theories regarding P MD. The economic benefits are also obvious.

That's fine for the P MD-oriented colleagues. But what of all the others?? Some may have new and innovative ideas yet may not dare to express them, or may not have the intellectual tools to express them, or may have these tools but ...from another specialty. So, the language is inadequate. Not only that, but some have received such a specialised education (architect, plumber, digestive surgeon, lawyer, musician, ...) that he/she does not feel concerned. His/her potential goes unsuspected. Think this over: education can and does make you feel UNconcerned.

Talk of communication!

This leads to illustrate yet another advantage of CWINs. Linking every research unit in the world that does research on PMD is useful for the above-mentioned purposes, but a gigantic highly specialised network working exclusively on PMD shall NOT resolve P MD. A problem is by nature an interface and can thus be resolved much more quickly through an integrated interdisciplinary approach. This applies to PMD. CWINs question conventional wisdom and open the way to cross-linking and cross-cutting initiatives, ideas, proposals from ANYONE AND EVERYWHERE.

The CWINs shall receive world wide publicity during the NewPOL Network International Press Conference and ppt presentation. CWINs shall be direct appeals to the World Community fully backed up by the 20 NC Teams (to begin with).

The launching of the CWINs shall be the direct responsibility of the NC Team Leaders and Members. For example, regarding CWIN 1, each shall address an open interdisciplinary call through the National Press and Media to mobilise not only all the labs working on PMD, but ANYONE [individual (whatever his/her background), company, institution, ...] who may have an idea regarding the fate of these two boys (and by extension, all the other patients with PMD and related ailment).

Who shall filter the incoming suggestions? A Team who has fully understood(!) and integrated in their everyday life(!) the NewPOL Network Paradigm. Ideally, an extended NC Team. [Please review the links that refer to the National Coordinators and their Progress Reports.]

Which reminds me of the EU NEST Programs: the colleagues in the NewPOL Network who have been with me from the very beginning already know my position here. The idea behind NEST is excellent. The problem is that those who are employed at the Commission and who form the NEST Team are light-years away from having understood the NEST concept.

Similarly with many EU National Contact Points. I remember mentioning this idea of National Representatives to the Commission back in the eighties. Speaking for myself (and many other colleagues in our Network), this is yet another example - with one very notable exception - of "nodes" that disserve the EU FP structure: hardly any feedback at all and no help whatsoever.

Inertia. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?