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1. Migolatyeva, Nataliya ...

Area of Interest: Painting


Born in 1950 in Ukraine. From 1971 till 1976 was a student at the Faculty of Painting at Odessa State Pedagogical University after Ushinsky K.D. (Odessa, Ukraine). From 1981 till now has been working as a teacher at the mentioned Faculty. From 1981 participates in Republic and Regional presentations. From 1994 became a member of Painter's Society of Ukraine. Her paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Canada. 


The next works are proposed (all prices are given in US$):


"Still Life on Black" Canvas, oil 90 x 67 sm (3000) 1994

"Sunny Day" Canvas, oil 50 x 50 sm (1000) 1999 

"Still Life with White Items" Canvas, oil 99,5 x 77,5 sm (3000) 1982

"Dry Roses" Canvas, oil, 90 x 73 sm (3000) 1999 

"Still Life with Pink Embroidered garment" Canvas, Oil, 102 x 72 sm (3000) 1999 

"Still Life with Black Can", Orgalit, oil 58 x 48 sm (1500)


The artist is open to discussion regarding the prices. 10% shall go to the NCNF (7.5% to the NFP and 2.5 % to the CFP)