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Le Petit Prince

[The Small Prince]

Hello there... !!!

How are you? 


Yes...? No...? 



What would YOU like to do in the Future?

Any ideas?

Sure you have!

What does school mean to you?

Do you like school?

What don't you like about it?

Any suggestions for improvement?

How about getting in touch with friends of your age around the world?

Look at the Adults... Have THEY made this world any happier?


Help the Adults offer a decent alternative to YOUR Future!

Make yourself heard!

Do you have a dream?

Perhaps you would like to create a great new project?

Take it up with us!

Contact us now if you want to make things change!

We shall not (*) publish your real name or your address. Just send us your nickname and basic idea behind your project and we shall discuss possibilities together.

Results shall be posted once we have finished dealing with the first round of applications


List of Children

[Nicknames only]

[(*) For more detailed information, please use the links on the top of this page]