What is a NC?


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What is a National Coordinator?


Planet Earth and all the activities that are going on in this world are very fragmented and disconnected with a complete lack of global coordination and synchronisation of initiatives. There is therefore a need to collect the bits and pieces and see how these can be articulated and integrated together for maximum added value bearing in mind that the top priority of the Third Millennium is achieving and sustaining World Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

The NewPOL Network is a World Network with an active component, the National Coordinators (NCs) and a passive component, the General Pool.

1. National Coordinators (NCs)

A. A National Coordinator (NC) is a Leader or Member of a National Representation. To avoid worldwide confusion regarding countless National Representations in different areas, the National Representation (or Team) shall be referred to as a National NewPOL Team (= National Coordinating Team). For example the Italian Representation in the IMNRC-NewPOL Network shall be called the Italian NewPOL Team. In addition to their specific tasks in their respective Teams (like the NSWBQoL Team), National Coordinators help to coordinate the NewPOL Network's activities with the interests of their country's population and governance. 


What is a National NewPOL (National Coordinating) "Team"?


The "Team" in any country is made up of members who represent the concerns, hopes and interests of the citizens of their country. They come from all ages, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses, but they have one skill in common - interdisciplinary potential - to which may be added any additional specific skill. The "Team" is therefore something like a general task force on permanent standby with some members choosing to take part in one or more of the IMNRC-NewPOL Network's activities: the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) which is none other than the WSWBQoLP, the IMIRC, Interface Events, Pilot Schemes, CWINS, answering calls provided that these respond to our needs, ...

In other words, the "Team" for country X shall consist of many different sub-teams each with its own preference.

The IMNRC-NewPOL Network administrative and residential Headquarters is a solid physical structure legally represented in Belgium. The National Teams throughout the world on the other hand even though they are represented by real human beings have yet to create a National Office. This shall greatly facilitate local interaction with the local citizens.

All projects are necessarily components of the NCBP (WSWBQoLP), which is itself a component of the Interface Project.

The NSWBQoL (NCBP) Team.

The NSWBQoL Team (and none other) is part of the National Representation and shall be in charge of two tasks in series:

A. creating a National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile (NSWBQoL Profile)
B. creating a National Interface Ministry (NIM)

A. creating a National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile (NSWBQoL Profile).

The NSWBQoL Team must first complete the WSWBQoL Pre-Summit Preparations. This means completing what is called the Five stages:

1. Recruiting. Selecting citizens to join the existing NSWBQoL Team is the NCBP's Principle Coordinator's responsibility initially. This responsibility is then shared with the NSWBQoL Team Leader who progressively takes over for his/her own country. Selection is a two part process. The 1rst part is to create a team that shall be able to complete the other four Stages (see below) and must therefore give evidence of high integrated interdisciplinary potential. The 2nd part is to add any extra citizens who can help with the task of creating a NIM. Practically, this means that the initial core team may consist of a medical doctor, a musician, a judge, a student, a plumber, a child/adolescent, a banker, a baker, an artist, a miner, person with no job, a housewife, a politician, a philosopher, taxi driver, ... i.e. anybody living in that particular country.

2. National Definition of WBQoL. The Team shall have to suggest a definition of WBQoL that bests represents WBQoL for its own national citizens. This means listening to the citizens in every village/town/city. This National definition shall be presented for the Pre-Summit Meeting on WSWBQoL.

3. National Standard Methodology for NSWBQoL Profile Assessment. The Team shall have to find a National Standard Methodology for Village/City/Town SWBQoL Profile Assessment. This National Standard Methodology for NSWBQoL Profile Assessment shall be presented for the Pre-Summit Meeting on WSWBQoL. 

4. Action Plan. The Team shall be asked to suggest a draft Action Plan to achieve and sustain their country's Society WBQoL. This draft shall be published on the Team's National Representation website. After the WSWBQoL Summit when the NGG shall have been set up, the Team shall help out to create a National Interface Ministry. (See below)

5. Website. Creation of a website that explains the NCBP (WSWBQoLP) in the Team's own National language.

During the WSWBQoL Pre-Summit Meeting, the 260 NSWBQoL Teams present their respective WBQoL Definitions and NSWBQoL Profile Assessment Standard Methodologies. We shall see how these can be articulated together exploring the Missing Links and the Common Denominator. The Pre Summit deliverable shall be a World Definition of WBQoL and a World Standard Methodology for NSWBQoL Profile Assessment.

Following the WSWBQoL Pre-Summit Meeting, NSWBQoL Profile Assessments shall be launched worldwide. This shall mean creating Village/Town/City Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile Assessments for each country. The creation of a Village/Town/City Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile forms the foundation of Pilot Scheme 1: "Achieving and sustaining Village/Town/City Society Well Being and Quality of Life with Smart Villages/Towns/Cities". In other words, there are as many PS-1s as there are Villages/Towns/Cities in one country. The sum of the PS-1s is the National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project that can only be appropriately managed through a National Interface Ministry (NIM) (please see below).  

During the WSWBQoL Summit, each country shall present its own NSWBQoL Profile. We shall explore how these can be articulated together, what are the missing links, what is the Common Denominator. The WSWBQoL Summit deliverable shall be a New Global Governance Platform where the international referential is the Third Millennium's top priority, Word Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

Following the WSWBQoL Summit, we must achieve and sustain World Society Well Being and Quality of Life. Integrated interdisciplinary challenges can only be appropriately managed through integrated interdisciplinary governance. WSWBQoL is the most complex integrated interdisciplinary challenge that has ever face humanity and that can only be appropriately managed through New Global Governance or Coordinated Holistic Interactive Bottom-Up Top-Down Integrated Interdisciplinary Governance. 

To begin with, this means creating a National Interface Ministry (NIM).

B. creating a National Interface Ministry (NIM)

1. Survey and Collection of ALL National Bubbles: Thematics, Sub-Thematics, Topics, Sub-Topics, ... In other words, bioeconomy, health, climate change, energy, society, food, law, constitution, ...

2. What are the Missing Links and what is the Common Denominator? Interconnecting, Explicit/implicit/Embedded overlapping, ...

3. Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks (CWINs) & Criss-Cross Integration. Integrating all the bubbles together. 

For example, the CWIN for Alzheimer's Disease can be called CWIN 8. Each country feeds in and retrieves new data from CWIN 8 that is shared by everybody interested in Alzheimer's Disease: everything is centralised for ease of access to information. Centralised doesn't mean "closed". The CWIN 8 structure is highly articulate and interactive, being open to EVERYBODY (and not just to the medical community exclusively) for any reason related to the issue: new treatment idea proposal, need for clarification, questions, interaction, participation, ... The open access information on CWIN 8 invites interdisciplinary multicultural brainstorming, is regularly monitored, updated and clarified for ease of use to favour maximum impact on Alzheimer's Disease (treatment, research).  We therefore have a World Alzheimer Platform that is accessible wherever needed. 

Now comes the more complex part. Take air pollution. Let's name the CWIN for Air Pollution CWIN 11. The process is initially the same: everybody worldwide feeds in data to CWIN 11. You need information on Air Pollution? Connect to CWIN 11 that is continuously fed with sensor, satellite, ICT, ... information. The same can be done for water pollution... or transport... or food... or whatever. 

Each CWIN must be so structured that each can be easily interconnected and integrated with other CWINs, whatever the CWIN. By asking what are the Missing Links and what is the Common Denominator between the different CWINs in any one country, this facilitates the integration process and the understanding of how Alzheimers' Disease <---> Air Pollution <---> Water Pollution <---> Food <---> are related in that country opening new interesting avenues for research and new treatments. 

4. Integration of all the National Ministries into one National Ministry: the National Interface Ministry (NIM = National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Ministry). National Constitution and Law shall have to be adapted, not to say rethought. 

5. Creation of a NIM Network. International Law shall have to be revised.

6. New Global Governance (NGG). 

What does "NewPOL" mean?

NewPOL stands for New POLicy or New POLitics or New Physics Of Life or New POlymerase reaction...

2. The National NewPOL Team Leader (Principal NC)


Selection of National NewPOL Team Leaders is based on their NewPOL profile (see below), outstanding integrated interdisciplinary and leadership potential. They in turn select their own Team Members (see 3. below). The NewPOL Team Leader is the Principal NC (PNC) for his/her own country.


The Principal NC:


deals with ALL the NewPOL Network's national and international activities. This differs from National Coordinating Team Members (See below)

monitors progress from all the other Sub Teams: NSWBQoL Team, CWIN Team, Pilot Scheme Team, ...

forwards all the communications received from the Principal Coordinator of the NewPOL Network to his/her National NewPOL Team Members and Ordinary/Simple Members (general Pool) who come from the same country and relays all the feedback from its own country to the Principal Coordinator of the NewPOL Network.

explains and develops the activities of the NewPOL Network in his/her own country: this often implies the creation of a NewPOL Network Satellite web site written in his/her own native language and that can be presented as an internal/external link.

sends in a Progress Report every month (or week if need be). This Progress Report is published on the NC Team's Progres Report Web Page.The NC Team cannot be expected to send in a Progress Report on entry, but they can send a Plan of Action. 

recruits new participants for the NewPOL Network. These may be Ordinary Members for the General Pool or Elite Members who shall represent their country in one of the Sub-Teams. In the latter case, the Principal NC should contact the Sub Team Leader of interest to the applicant. 

contacts the local/national authorities (political, educational, press, SMEs, ...), potential investors and sponsors

manages and organises the tasks equally between all its Members.

supervises its NewPOL Network National Financial Pool


He/she must therefore prove highly resourceful, determined, expect to work under considerable pressure and be absolutely dedicated to the tasks at hand.

PNCs are First Movers. They are Pioneers. They are of a different calibre and very difficult to find. Once selected, there is always a trial period during which time the PNC shall have to give evidence of integrated interdisciplinary and leadership potential.


Applications are welcome. Please click here.



3. The National NewPOL Team Members


A National NewPOL Team Leader supervises the National NewPOL Team and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. 


National NewPOL Team Members are selected either by the National NewPOL Team Leader or by the General Principal Coordinator himself. Each National NewPOL Team Member chooses which of the NewPOL Network's activities he/she is interested in. These are: the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP = WSWBQoLP), CWINs (Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks), Pilot Schemes, IMIRC (International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress), EU FP and Non-FP Calls for Proposals, Non-EU Calls for Proposals, Private Projects. 


The Web Page for each National NewPOL Team is presented thus:


National NewPOL Team Leader = Principal NC (NNTL = PNC)


Details & Biography of PNC


National Team Leaders and Members (NTLs & NTMs)


Details & Biography of the National NewPOL Team Members


  CWIN (1, 2, ...) Pilot Schemes (1, 2, ...) NCBP/WSWBQoLP IMIRC EU FP Calls for Proposals EU Non FP Calls for Proposals Non EU Calls for Proposals Private Project Other
NTL 1 (*)                  
NTL 2                  


(*) = National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Team Leader/Member or CWIN Team Leader/Member

4. The National NewPOL Team. General Considerations.

The NC Team shall - ideally - be extended to include everyone in a given country. The objective is to make everyone actively concerned with their own country's well-being and quality of life. He/she is part of his/her country that is in turn part of the World. It is therefore vital to get through to ALL and create a strong interactive link by addressing ALL backgrounds and not just the academic elite.

In each and every human being - whatever his/her nationality or culture - there is a potential Leonardo da Vinci. One of the NC Teams' main jobs is to awaken this latent potential in their own country's population.

Opening closed minds...

5. Admission Procedure for Principal National Coordinators (National NewPOL Team Leaders):

All applications for the post of Principal National Coordinator must be sent to the Principal General Coordinator. Selection of National NewPOL Team Leaders is based on their NewPOL Profile, outstanding integrated interdisciplinary and leadership potential.

What is a NewPOL Profile?

A NewPOL Profile differs from a classic/conventional CV or resume. The presentation is less "academic" and more accessible to the general public... for example by adding some more personal notes: hobbies, interests in life, family, ... A small photo is required for the NC Team Leader. [I shall be asking for three different photos from everyone later in fact: professional, family and during your vacation for example]. The selected NC Team Leader is after all a human being. Not just a HPC... :-)

Many of the people in a given country may not have the impressive academic background of the Principal National Coordinators and some - with little or no qualifications (or even no job) but with something interesting to say - may feel uneasy (or intimidated) if the profile is too "austere".

So, the FIRST thing is to make people feel at ease and completely free to get in touch with you. You don't want the people saying: "My Goodness! There is such a difference between him/her and me...I'll be ridiculous... with "just" my "little" idea. Forget it..."

If the people hesitate...you - and we - shall lose them.

Perhaps those who have not been "educated" in a mould shall prove more creative.....??..... :-)) This is why open public participation is so important.

6. Admission Procedure for National NewPOL Team Members:

At the Principal National Coordinator's discretion.

NC Team Members send their Standard Profile if they prefer to the Principal National Coordinator of their country or the Principal General Coordinator. A Standard Profile should include professional details, address and Area of Interest. A LinkedIn Profile is acceptable provided that the requested details are included. If the post of Principal National Coordinator is vacant, the application must be sent to the Principal General Coordinator.

7. Admission Procedure for The General Pool (Ordinary/Simple Membership)

Details and Areas of Interest are sent to us directly. These are directly downloaded from Linkedin for 1rst Degree Connections only. Special security measures for Children.

8. Basic Annual Membership Subscription Fee: BAMSF.  

Affiliation has so far been totally free. However, an Annual Subscription Fee has become a necessity for economic reasons as of 2014. All existing NewPOL Network Members (Principal National Coordinators, National NewPOL Teams and General Pool) are requested to settle their BAMSF by the 31rst January of each new year.  

Please refer to the link NewPOL Foundation


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