General Public

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Anyone from the General Public....

You may be looking for a job...

You may be a student (arts, science, drama, painting, ...) ...

You may be a manual labourer, a salesman/woman, bus driver, lawyer or space engineer...

You name it...

You want to make yourself heard?

You can contribute something interesting and useful to the Network? 

You would like to participate in the Human World Grid? 


What are you waiting for?

Please contact us as soon as possible!

If for some personal reason - privacy, security issues, ... - you are not too keen on giving your personal details, feel free to use a nickname.  

We are presently busy receiving applications. These shall be reviewed and published in due course.  


List of Public Participants

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Name or Nickname


1. Csuti, Ildiko Bogyimne Hungary
2. H.M. -
3. Mihai, Alexandru Romania
4. Mihai, Elena Yvette Romania
5. Rungta, Pawan India
6. Seksaria, Pawan India