Professor Vivian Linssen
 for the Presidency of the
European Commission

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” (J. Kr)

What Does This Imply?

  1. Restore Lost Trust.

  2. Official Covid and Ukraine Conflict Narratives Audits

  3. A Fundamental Mindset, Education and Governance Revolution

  4. A Fundamental Institutional Architecture Revolution

  5. Promote the NCBP (New Capacity Building Programme)

  6. Promote World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life

1. Restore Lost Trust

Without trust, any policy shall fail, whatever the programme, anywhere in the world.

There already was a serious world existential and trust crisis prior to Covid-19. This was exacerbated by the UN+EU+WEF System's inappropriate management of world affairs making it responsible for perhaps the worst pandemic of all times: the loss of trust, at all levels, with devastating consequences. 

I am not sure that citizens have fully realised the terrible impact and full implications of the deep loss of trust in our civilisation. Not only have many lost trust in anything that is read, said, seen or heard but since so much data, documents and decisions have been doctored, what of assessments and evaluations in courts, schools, universities, institutions, organisations, to win a case, to gain admission and/or get through, to get published, or for honours or to have a job? 

I do not have a programme. Or rather my programme consists of creating an atmosphere of empathy, kindness and friendship, a listening society, where people listen to and do not ignore each other. Only then shall the population feel sufficiently comfortable to express its own concerns, hopes, interests in other words present its own programme. My programme shall be the citizens' programme. 

Intangibles determine the fate of tangibles.

2. Official Covid and Ukraine Conflict Narratives Audits

A World Covid Official Narrative Audit is necessary. There has been too much confusion, too many lies, too much suffering, too many innocent victims not to mention the public manipulation and lack of transparency. Those responsible for having imposed the Official Covid Narrative on the world population without its informed consent must be held to account. 

A World Ukraine Conflict Official Narrative Audit is necessary. My opinion is based on nth hand information that I am given to read, hear or see and my direct first hand experience with the UN+EU+WEF System. This opinion hasn't changed despite extensive reading, seeing and hearing since the conflict began. The Russian intervention was provoked and could have been prevented. All President Putin needed was a nudge that was graciously given in pure cold blood by a warmongering UN+EU+WEF System knowing perfectly well what would be the horrifying consequences. I remain disgusted by the UN+EU+WEF System's hypocrisy. Those who provoked President Putin are just as responsible for the carnage that followed.

3. A Fundamental Mindset, Education and Governance Revolution

The New Capacity Building Programme - also known as the World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life Programme, also known as the World Citizens' Initiative - strives to build our civilisation’s capacity to understand the increasing complexities of an ever changing world, in other words understand global complexity. This means that the NCBP creates a mindset that enables our civilisation to understand global complexity. This mindset can in turn create projects/initiatives/programmes that can effectively manage global complexity. 

This has not been the case so far. 

Despite receiving billions, the UN+EU+WEF System has never succeeded in either preventing or finding solutions to any the global challenges our civilisation has been faced with so far. 

We must look elsewhere. Where? 

The Mindset. 

The World System is dysfunctional because the World Mindset is dysfunctional. The mindset (or state of mind) determines the way you process – collect, assimilate, understand, articulate – data together, whatever the data. There is therefore a need to optimise the mindset (state of mind) for complex avant-garde holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary challenge processing for constructive and not destructive purposes, in other words to achieve and sustain the well-being and quality of life of eight billion human beings at interconnected personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels which is after all the Third Millennium's Top Priority. This means that a fundamental mindset, education and governance revolution, in that order, worldwide, simultaneously is necessary. 

How can we do this? 

By creating a listening well-being and quality of life based decentralised new global governance infrastructure set up with, by and not imposed on the world population.  


4. A Fundamental World Institutional Architecture Revolution

Invitation To Join The New Capacity Building Programme

New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) Presentation

5. Promote the NCBP (New Capacity Building Programme)


6. Promote World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life

World Peace: Open Address to the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres  

War ---> Peace: Huge Funds Needed!

Difference between the WEF & the NCBP!

Interface Education. Understanding Global Complexity

InfoDiagnosis: The IMNRC's Online Medical Education, Information and Diagnosis Website


What Is The Problem ?


The Mindset


What Is The Solution ?



Mindset Revolution

Education Revolution

Governance Revolution

In This Order...




“Citizens! YOU have the floor!”


We shall transform temples...elitist governance ivory towers disconnected from the people...


 ...into a network of networks where people and institutions jointly strive together... prevent our civilisation and planet Earth from mass self-destruction...





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