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 Whoever you may be...

Wherever you are...

Whatever your background...

No matter what is your occupation...

You feel concerned about the growing unrest and unhappiness in this world, and would like to improve the Well Being & Quality of Life on this planet?

You think you can make things change? 

You have an original idea that you would like to discuss with someone? 

Come along!

Create your workshop!

Discuss your ideas with Small and Medium Enterprises, Industries, Non Governmental and Non-Profit Organisations, Academics, potential Business Partners and Sponsors directly!

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I am interested in your activities and I am writing to suggest your participation in our endeavours: the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress.(*)

The central theme of the Congress is Interactive Interfaces. 

What is an Interface...?

Do you understand what I mean...?

Now, what IS the state of the Mind that "understands"?

How can the Mind achieve an integrated understanding of the Life Sciences in the Universe?

We are the World, and the World is us. 

Perhaps it is about time that we realised this basic fundamental fact before it is too late.


The Congress is organised through the NewPOL Consortium Network: a gigantic integrated, highly interactive and quite unique Proto-"Think Tank" of more than 50,000 members. The creative potential and critical mass of this Network is becoming quite impressive.

Anyone who can support her/his new, innovative ideas on a theoretical and/or practical basis within this interactive holistic framework programme is welcome. 

(*) The Interface has always been (and still is) a very difficult notion to understand for the overwhelming majority of citizens so far, academics and non-academics alike. The New Capacity Building Programme shall hopefully make the IMIRC more intelligible and appealing to investors and venture capitalists worldwide.   




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