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 This page has been hibernating for some time owing to pressure from the UN+EU+WEF System. There shall therefore be a global update & turn over. 

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"The Interface Paradigm is not only an elegantly simple way of turning destructive confrontations into creative exchanges, it shall probably forever alter the way we view the natural world." (Viv)


"Even though these two processes interact, cleverness is definitely not intelligence. Indeed, concentrate too much on the former and you shall lose the latter..." (Viv)



"The academically gifted may be clever, but what the world needs is intelligence." (Viv)



"If an idea is not a priori absurd, it has no future." (Albert Einstein)



"The Interface is the key to understanding the Universe that includes ourselves" (Viv)



The NewPOL Consortium Network  - or NewPOL Network, for short - is inspired from the IMNRC.

Our first group - 17 colleagues in all - presented the EU Accompanying Measures Proposal "NewPOL" in 2002.

The group then presented the Expression of Interest "NewPOL" for the EU 6th Framework Programme.

The title of this EoI was: "The Physics of Life and the Neuroimmunoendocrine System: an integrated understanding of diseases and healing potential in the human being explored using novel approaches to therapy" [].

The reaction of the scientific and medical community to the EoI "NewPOL" was instructive. The basic idea behind the EoI was considered as very interesting but most were at a loss as to how to proceed with the investigation. Indeed, the area covered by the "NewPOL" EoI was - and is - so broad and complex that it could not possibly be dealt with by any isolated, highly focussed fragmented project. 

The traditional/conventional compartmentalised Educational System did not prepare the research community for such an integrated multidisciplinary challenge. 

An integrated interdisciplinary holistic methodology had to be created. This proved to be very difficult: such innovative concepts are indeed still in their infancy. 

We slowly proceeded to construct a network of projects so configured as to have the resources, creative potential and know-how necessary to develop the ideas in the EoI "NewPOL". 

We contacted potentially interested participants and thereby formed a "consortium". The "consortium" then became the NewPOL Consortium Network.

We soon realised, however, that creating a Network of networks was not enough. Something was missing. Indeed, even though all were in favour of this notion of integrated interdisciplinarity, many felt completely lost. "I know what you mean, I can feel this fundamental interconnectedness of knowledge but fail to see how I can possibly link my specific area of interest with that of my distinguished colleagues...". 

A new investigating tool had to be formulated: the "interface". 


The Present...

The NewPOL Network has now become a very avant-garde organisation that proposes a new integrated interdisciplinary global governance model based on the Interface Paradigm.


The New Capacity Building Programme: A Potential European Commission Flagship Project

What is a National Coordinator? 



The International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC)

The NewPOL Network creates Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks (CWINs)

IMNRC Web Page 

Facebook IMNRC-NewPOL Network Website - Government.

The 1rst hard copy edition of "IMNRC - NewPOL Consortium Network: The Interface Paradigm" has sold out. The second edition is now under preparation.

The book shall serve to invite interactive local, regional, national and international discussions with the public (whatever the background, ethnic origin and condition) relayed by the Press and TV/Radio programs on the internal dysfunctions of The System, the object being to improve World Society Well Being and Quality of Life. We shall be examining what IS and what IS NOT working in World Society. Considering the present world situation, a thorough vertical integrated interdisciplinary study across frontiers of the latter is not only essential but urgent.

We tentatively propose a solution: the Interface (or NewPOL Network) Paradigm.


The NewPOL Network has now become a highly interactive and articulate platform whose primary objective is making you aware of the notion of interfaces, their omnipresence and fundamental importance.

Interfaces have immense applications: from understanding the quintessence of the Universe, to understanding, optimising and sustaining World Society Well Being & Quality of Life (i.e. the interdisciplinary integration of health, culture, environment, education, research & development, ICT, life sciences, economics, politics, law, existential considerations, religions, ...), to understanding the Cosmos.

The NewPOL Network short-circuits bureaucracy and existing Institutions worldwide by privileging direct interactive relationship between human beings through integrated interactive interdisciplinary nodes leading in fine to the Human World Grid.

The NewPOL Network simplifies complexities, from fundamental research, to relationship within and between human beings, to national and international relations. For immediate results.

Networks of networks should be synergistic. But reality is quite different: the networks are isolated, fragmented and competitive. The lack of coordination and synchronisation of highly commendable efforts (in multiple areas) throughout the world is catastrophic.

There may be formidable advances in information/communication technology, an explosion of networks, associations, organisations, clusters... the world over giving the illusion of worldwide communication, but if the Minds do not communicate, you are nowhere.

To illustrate this chronic lack of communication despite ICT progress, please check out CWIN 4-1 is focussed on Bladder Cancer.

CWINs encourage people to think differently, think collectively and cross-think, applying the basic principle: "All for One and One for All".

Other CWINs shall be applied in other areas (Alzheimer, AIDS, Environmental Issues, (Bio)Technological and Engineering challenges, Educational challenges, Space challenges, Business enterprise, etc...). The basic principle is the same.

The NewPOL Network is gaining a strong international reputation, is respected but also intrigues... because the very foundations of The System are questioned.

Indeed, what is the future use of Institutional Dinosaurs like the UN, EU, OAS, African Union, etc... as structured...with their chronic internal dysfunctions and bureaucracy if everyone is naturally interconnected through a Natural Paradigm (*) ...?...

The NewPOL Network has presently more than 50000 Members and its activities are developing worldwide.

The NewPOL Network is therefore reaching its first objectives as briefly exposed in the "NewPOL" EoI attachment: "Physics of Life: The Awakening of Intelligence".

[(*) = NewPOL Network Paradigm]




What exactly is the NewPOL Consortium Network...?

The NewPOL Consortium Network is a very avant-garde Organisation whose principal mission is to create a "State of Mind" that unleashes unsuspected potential in the Human Being and make World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life a practical - and not just theoretical - reality.

In order to achieve this, the NewPOL Network has introduced the notion of "interface": an elegant, simple and extraordinarily powerful tool that can be used to explore two fundamental questions...

- what is the missing link...?
- what is the common denominator...?

These questions invite cross-thinking and thinking beyond...and can be applied to anything and anywhere. They open new horizons, new fields of investigation, new research areas, transform the way we consider others and ourselves. A new way to think leading to a new thinking paradigm that can revolutionise our understanding of the Universe and therefore Life.

The NewPOL Network considers cross-cutting research as the rule rather than the exception: it seeks to stimulate your imagination and creativity, activates the inter-educative, inter-cultural (-social, -political, -economic, -...), social/educative and education/business interfaces amongst other essential existential considerations. 

The NewPOL Network: a gigantic and quite unique Proto-Think Tank that concentrates on the processes and mechanisms that lead up to and construct an idea/concept (and therefore a Project) before its inception, expression and realisation. This Proto-Think Tank shall eventually become a World "Think & Do Tank" of extraordinary potential and diversity, the latter progressively turning into The Human World Grid where the ideas expressed and exchanged shall have a quality, an innovativeness and originality yet unheard of.  

The NewPOL Network considers that there is a potential Leonardo da Vinci in every human being, whether he/she is living in a back slum somewhere in the U.S., South America, Europe, Asia or Africa... These human beings represent an enormous critical mass: billions of people on this planet. If we can awaken the creative potential of this global population, they may indeed not only help and contribute to finding answers to the many questions the so-called academic "elite" is asking itself now, but also achieve a conscious awareness of others, of a world society well being and quality of life. 

The NewPOL Network tries to change mentalities FIRST in order to THEN produce projects that are more creative, original and useful to all. 

The NewPOL Network is thus a CATALYSER, a CREATOR of projects/consortia but of a completely different dimension. 

The NewPOL Network indicates WHAT and WHERE are the links and HOW to link. An essential integrated interdisciplinary function that Other Organisations are quite unable to undertake.

Finally, the NewPOL Network proposes:

1. to integrate the notion of Well Being and Quality of Life into each nation's statute law (jurisprudence). This has far reaching applications.

2. to begin with, the dissolution of existing Ministries and their replacement by the creation of one – and only one - Ministry of Society Well-Being and Quality of Life per country that would integrate all the present traditional/conventional ministries: health, agriculture, education, culture, research, economics, politics, defence, law, .... A quite unique integrated interdisciplinary ministerial configuration leading to a completely new vision of governance, politics and public service.

This can only work if “The System” is entirely rethought. A fundamental paradigm shift is necessary. We tentatively propose the NewPOL Network Paradigm.

Under this framework, ANY Project shall have the legal and constitutional obligation to clearly establish the link between the Project's Mission/Objectives and World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life in order to be eligible for any funds.

Our 1rst International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC) shall be held in China just before the 2008 Olympic Games. The IMIRC shall explore the Cosmos - and therefore the Well Being of Society and Quality of Life on Planet Earth - through interfaces.   

On this occasion, the highly complex and sophisticated Interface Assimilation Program (IAP) shall be presented. The IAP has nothing to do with the present Educational Systems Worldwide: no "sciences", no "arts", no "specialty"... Just one word: understand.

The fascinating potential of interfaces could be simply illustrated thus. A PhD [or whatever] in "Interfaces" would waive the need for any other PhDs [or whatever]: engineering, biology, computer sciences, sociology, medicine, .... This is difficult to understand and shall definitely have groundbreaking consequences, whatever the Educational System.


A Concept aconceptual...A definition undefinable...

Verbal language is ill suited to describing the non-verbal world: it imposes its embedded cultural structure on the observed and you get mixed up in semantics. Other invented languages like mathematics may indeed be more universal and useful as a technological tool, but it would seem that Life in the Universe is something far beyond the reach of any human devised mathematical logic based on present day Educational Systems.     

Merely by existing, all physical systems - including the human being... - store information. By evolving dynamically in time, they process that information.  

What do all these terms mean exactly and how are they related? What does it mean "to exist"? What is information? What is time? Who and what is processing and why? What is the Human Being and can he/she figure everything out? By him(her)self?  

Interfaces (*) are at the heart of both the very understanding of the Universe (who, how, what, why and where we are...) and the Well-Being of Society and Quality of Life on this planet. 

The Universe is made up of "interfaces". 

So therefore are we. So is the computer you are using. So is the process of understanding, transmitting and exchanging "information". 

Could the Universe be an interface?

Interesting thought... 

The Universe may be a giant interface computer...

But what exactly is a computer? Physical objects can solve a broad class of logic and mathematical problems through interfaces, although they may not accept input or give output in a form that is meaningful to humans. Natural computer interfaces are inherently digital at a given level of abstraction.

Interfaces are therefore not only part of our constitution, they are also involved in everyone's activities: professional, leisure, family, relationships, ... The problem is that most do not realise this, nor what this implies.

Interfaces demonstrate universal interconnectedness between everyone and everything. Awaken this general awareness in the World Population and you may open the way to a far deeper understanding of an aconceptual undefinable Universe that is not limited by concepts and therefore not artificially fragmented.

[(*): Please check out the paragraph on Interfaces under IMIRC.] 


The Structure...

The NewPOL Network - a Network of networks - is a highly articulate structure coordinated by interactive interdisciplinary multifunctional nodes, the National Coordinating Teams (NC Teams). These represent the National Coordinators (NCs).

The NewPOL Network: a delocalised organisation that works on an equal footing with no hierarchy and whose strength relies on a collective conscience. 


The Mission...

The Well-Being of Society and the Quality of Life have been the object of detached verbal chatter in the abstract for years on end. This notion seemed unreal, ethereal and somewhat mystic. In other words, it was not considered seriously. 

The fact was also that no one really knew how to go about dealing with this issue and put these "ideals" into practice: too many missing links. 

<< The traditional/conventional Educational System did not prepare the human being for such a challenge. So much for the Educational System that seems to overestimate its potential. >> (Sic!)

The situation that faced the NewPOL Network was very similar to the EoI "NewPOL" mentioned above. The challenge here however was - and is - incomparably more complex and represents a formidable task.

We therefore used our basic common principle and intellectual tool - the interface - to create a methodology that would enable the World Community to take up this challenge: the NewPOL Network Paradigm.

I am certainly NOT saying that the NewPOL Network is THE solution to all our problems on this Planet. There are obviously many others. But considering the present world situation, something tells me that these have not been very conclusive.

The NewPOL Network is proposing an alternative: the NewPOL Network Paradigm. It is not imposing anything.


The NewPOL Network Paradigm

I could give a brief description of what the NewPOL Network Paradigm consists of - and thereby summarise the NewPOL Network's Objectives - in 7 seconds flat:

"The search for a potential common denominator through the study of interfaces, networks and missing links in the Life Sciences may lead to a new paradigm for improving the Quality of Life, the Well-Being of Society, and achieving harmony on this Planet."

Then what?

I became allergic to words, definitions, statements, rules, laws, axioms, ...long ago.

We live in a world of ideas yet cannot even answer the basic question: "What is an idea?". 

How does the human being act...?...or does he/she just re-act?

"What" understands?

The NewPOL Network Paradigm uses a beautifully simple - and therefore very "powerful" - basic principle (= interface) to precisely deal with these fundamental issues.

Just what this Paradigm is, just what form/structure the Paradigm shall take on is exactly what the NewPOL Network is working on now. The Paradigm shall become less abstract and more concrete as we go along. Its first "practical" presentation shall probably form one of the most important conclusions of the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC).

The NewPOL Network Paradigm is not easy to understand. You cannot "put it in a box". You can't define it without getting mixed up in semantics. You cannot focus the unfocussable. There is no standard/conventional reply to the question: "What is the NewPOL Network Paradigm?"

Perhaps we shall be able to deal with this issue later when we have gained a better understanding of the inner workings of the Mind and of the Universe?

In the meantime, my advice would be to understand the notion of interface...


World Chaos and The NewPOL Network 


World Violence...



There seems to be a general feeling of helplessness: "What are we going to do?" 

The World System - i.e. the rigid network of fragmented educational / political / social / religious / economic...subsystems that condition and regulate our lives (whether we like it or not) - by and large imposes the human being to live in an intellectual or existential straightjacket. These closed systems violate the basic universal principle of interactivity, inevitably leading to frustration and conflict. 

This lack of freedom imposed by The World System has created vicious circles with serious consequences on interpersonal and international relationships. Indeed, to escape from - and to navigate between - these imposed constraints, the human being created the twisted notions of compromise and hypocrisy. The latter has developed into a regenerating destructive process: a malignant tumour that is sending out metastases all over the world...and mining the path to Well-Being and Quality of Life.   

The chaotic international situation seems to have its roots deep down: relationships are not between human beings as such but between the IMAGES each has formed of the other. Two images are meeting: not two Human Beings. Images are the Past. Human Beings meet in the Past: they are not meeting in the Present. And the Past certainly does NOT prevent violence from recurring in the Present.

The Past is so strong, yet so fragile...

The Past has created the "democracies" ŕ la West, South, East or North. These fragmented systems do not seem to be able to cope with the complex and sophisticated societies created by Human Beings.   

The West have imposed their idea of Democracy in Iraq by holding general elections. But is Western Democracy such a good example to follow? Is Europe really a democracy? Start scratching the surface and see what happens...

Talk of the Well-Being of Society and the Quality of Life! Sounds quite surrealistic to me.

A solution to the present difficulties can only be approached through a global integrated interdisciplinary transcultural understanding of the situation. The trouble is that the human being hasn't been educated that way.

Now the human being is in a fix: he/she doesn't really know what to do.

But before "doing" anything, I believe it is essential that the human being understand who he/she really is. The trouble is that he/she does not know how to go about it: a fragmented, divided state of mind condemns you to live a life trying to find your way through a maze of ever increasing complexity from which you cannot get out. That's how you get the illusion of happiness.

If she/he doesn't know how to deal with this issue in the first place, what's the point of organising countless meetings to understand a problem, that "we" have probably contributed in creating to begin with?

Yet this seems to be happening all over again, the semp-eternal pattern: the present international economic and political unrest has given birth to the usual cohorts of debates, meetings and what have you with everyone looking frantically "concerned" and "important". 

These meetings after meetings (and not just in times of crisis) with the ensuing proliferation of reports after reports just to "show how serious and dynamic we (= the organisations) are" can create the illusion that something useful is being done - very satisfactory for one's ego! - and thus do more harm than good. A profusion of concepts and publications (reports and summaries) can also lead to more confusion - and saturation - than anything else. 

How many people do you think actually read these reports? Does the message get through to the people and are they in any way interested? I doubt it.

Shall anything come out of these discussions? I don't know.

Has the past ever prevented new atrocities and brought more harmony to this world? 


Understanding the Universe - meaning also ourselves - is central to the NewPOL Network Paradigm. The NewPOL Network deals with what's happening NOW: a simple way for everyone to communicate and become aware of the other's existence and potential. A day-to-day dialogue between all. A simple way to achieve harmony and develop creativity.


World Indifference and Incompetence...




A Chronic lack of communication and understanding.




In December 2004, we wrote...

The devastating human consequences of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Asia could have been avoided. 

Here again, the main culprit was indifference, inertia 

The general reaction was: "What are we going to do?"

Humanitarian organisations and cohorts of specialists (scientists, medics, epidemiologists, psychologists, engineers, geophysicists, other "-ists"...) came over to try (...) to cope with the situation. 

But this was all too late! 

As usual...

The solidarity, more emotional than rational, was not as worldwide and constructive as could have been imagined. Both the The United Nations and The European Union were unable to react as united entities. Reactions were fragmented. 

As usual. 

And too late. 

As usual.

Who has really benefited from the raised funds? Shall this prevent other earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters from happening and making thousands of victims in the future? 

I doubt it. 

Governments declared their intention to shell out millions of dollars/euros to cover expenses - much more than what would have been required to set up a monitoring device in the first place - but what has become of all these funds? Have there been any concrete political, economic and scientific solutions? Perhaps the initial reaction was trying to prevent something worse: a human tsunami of angry people who would certainly have wiped out idle governments, scientists, politicians and their inert bureaucratic Institutions and Organisations. 

What have the United Nations, the European Community, the sophisticated International Organisations (Health, Scientific, Medical, Political, Educational, Social, Humanitarian, Religious...) been doing actively to prevent this from happening?

You tell me.

It may be time to turn to the NewPOL Network if you don't want this to happen ever again...




September 2005 we wrote...

The devastating human consequences of the hurricane Katrina could have been avoided. 

Here again, the main culprit is indifference, inertia 

The general reaction is: "What are we going to do?"

Humanitarian organisations and cohorts of specialists (scientists, medics, epidemiologists, psychologists, engineers, geophysicists, other "-ists"...) shall come over to try (...) to cope with the situation. 

But this is all too late! 

Who shall really benefit from the raised funds? Shall this prevent other earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters from happening and making thousands of victims in the future? 

I doubt it. 

What have the United Nations, the European Community, the sophisticated International Organisations (Health, Scientific, Medical, Political, Educational, Social, Humanitarian, Religious...) been doing actively to prevent this from happening?

You tell me.


October 2005 we wrote...


Earthquake in Pakistan: a logistical nightmare...that could have been avoided. More than 80000 people killed, but this may be nothing compared to the 3 million homeless inhabitants who shall soon have to face the harsh winter conditions.


But who cares?


As you can see, we can repeat WORD FOR WORD the comments that were made a few months ago.

Nothing has changed.

As usual.

The NewPOL Network seems to offer the only credible alternative and CWINs must be urgently launched.     


The European Constitution versus The NewPOL Network Paradigm


In June 2005, a tsunami of frustration fell on Europe.

The present situation at the Commission in Brussels following the Dutch and French rejection of the European Constitution is not very healthy.

No one really knows what to do.

As usual.

About one year ago, I was invited to assist a Meeting with European Commission Officers in Brussels on "The Well-Being of Society and the Quality of Life". The general atmosphere was rather solemn and uneasy: each made their own specialised academic presentation, but when it came to linking/articulating the material together, there was a feeling of helplessness in the air. No one really knew how to go about it. The interfaces were solid brick walls. Who/what created these brick walls? Please also review "Our Planet Earth" in 

When you look at the imposing EU buildings near place Schumann in Brussels, you feel money, authority and bureaucratic power. This is the outward image of Europe in Brussels: a formidable multi-national business corporation where the Master Words are: performance and competition.

Where does the Well-Being and the Quality of Life of the General Population in Europe come in? Look at - and enter (or try to...) - the buildings, and you shall understand what I mean.

This is why the EU structure is so fragile: too rigid (new tools, but old minds...), conventional and technical. Add to that, a chronic lack of understanding and intercommunication within the population from top-down and bottom-up. In other words, as I said before, the proposed structure is not adapted to the Well-Being of Society.

The present economic paradigm neglects all other important existential considerations, creates and/or sustains world violence and conflict, and crushes the Human Being. The way in which "competition" has been - and is - organised and understood worldwide, with its ugly twists and turns, sustaining aggressive behaviour and tense unhealthy relationships between human beings seems in fine detrimental to sustainable development.

The general outcry in Brussels is not surprising: many are worried for their own private interests, privileges and comfort. The Parliament represents the people, in theory: if referendums had replaced Parliament ratifications of the European Constitution in those countries where the latter was accepted, the result may have been different.

The following is taken from a communication that was recently sent to the NewPOL National Coordinating Team Network:

" President Chirac (and many others) said there is NO alternative to the European Constitution. Viv says: "Yes, there is. The NewPOL Network Paradigm."

"The Europe of today is an Outward Ideal plagued by chronic internal dysfunctions the Constitution has not only contributed in creating, but has also been - and still seems - powerless to solve. If Europe continues to expand outwardly whilst neglecting the growing inner unrest, it shall collapse. This was to be expected. You cannot deal with integrated interdisciplinary issues at world level with fragmented minds. So we are back from where we started: education, in the largest possible sense...i.e. learning consciously/unconsciously from anything, anyone and anywhere, not forgetting yourself!"

"The creation of Europe is a commendable intellectual effort. But it has shown its limitations as structured."

The idea of Europe is based on power and intercontinental confrontation/competition: Europe - Asia - U.S. - ... I fear this shall not lead to international peace. World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life shall remain an abstract concept for many. And I fear for our children.



Members offer something more than a conventional background: open-minded personality, resourcefulness and originality. They come from all possible backgrounds and from all over the world:



non-profit and non-government organisations



general public

Public participation is strongly encouraged.

The Network not only offers the following opportunities to all the participants...

multiple potential partners: +++

research: +++

business: +++

publicity: +++

...but it does so very easily and on a very large scale that is itself integrated within an open interdisciplinary framework.

These exchanges (= interfaces...!) may stimulate participants to create further contacts. And so on...

The NewPOL Network encourages each participant (individual, research consortium or company)  to:

consolidate existing research projects (EU FP, EU Non-FP, Non-EU, etc...)

create new ones in cross-cutting areas (EU FP, EU Non-FP, Non-EU, etc...)

help us combat inertia... :-)

The participants' role is also helping members with their similar background to "see" how they could also cross-link/articulate their own work and ideas with other fields of interest mentioned in the NewPOL Network. This educational role within the NewPOL Network is essential, and considered as important as their own research activities.

A CEO from a company wrote to us the following:

---> "...but I guess I'll learn as it goes along..."

He is perfectly right. This is an essential element behind this initiative: we learn, question and discover as we go along. There is no fixed predetermined pattern.

The NewPOL Network is a highly dynamic interactive structure that changes every day... 

There is a growing proliferation of companies/initiatives all claiming to facilitate EU proposal submission and giving to understand that the participants shall stand a good chance of success. Are they effective? I don't know. 

The attractiveness of NewPOL regarding Research Proposals (EU and Non-EU) is its simplicity and the customised assistance it would like to offer to its members. The former is evident; regarding the latter, only experience based on feedback shall guide us: we haven't reached stage 8 yet (please refer to


The Future

The NewPOL Network's first major challenge is the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress that shall hopefully be held in China just before the Olympic Games in 2008.

This huge Congress shall enable interested parties (commercial, academic, Non-profit & NGOs, artists, children and the general public) to meet each other and discuss their ideas directly.



Our Agenda can be consulted at

The overall Network structure - a network of networks – is developing worldwide.

The creative potential and critical mass of this Network is becoming quite impressive. Many participants represent their own consortium whose members in turn ALSO represent their consortium. Some represent important Organisations. There are at present more than 50,000 members and we are still growing.

As mentioned above, the NewPOL Network is constituting a world grid... The Human World Grid.

This Web Site has been so designed as to invite direct online participation: successful applicants have their details posted directly on the relevant web pages.  



We are interested in any Investigator (Organisation, Institute, Company, Enterprise, ...) who(that) can present projects (whatever the area) demonstrating both a clear link with - and a strong sustainable impact on - World Society Well Being and Quality of Life. This means that the potential partner must also be able to integrate his/her focussed area of interest in a more global perspective.

If you can make the NewPOL Network even more articulate thanks to your own ideas and/or experience, you are Welcome To Apply.

Membership is free.

There are two kinds of Membership:

i. Ordinary Membership

ii. National Coordinating (NC) Team Membership

Ordinary and NC Team Members have the same responsibilities. The essential difference lies in the amount of extra work and the rate at which it is done. Ordinary Members are invited to send in a Progress Report about once a year, whereas NC Team Members send in a Progress Report once a month.   

Ordinary Membership

1) What are the conditions to become an Ordinary Member?

Understand the notion of interface, originality, open-mindedness, personality and resourcefulness.

2) What is the Ordinary Membership Admission Procedure?

Ordinary Member Applicants should send in their Standard Profile. A Standard Profile is what can be seen on any of the Academic (Business, NP & NGO, Public, Artists, ...) Web Pages [Please refer to the links on the Top of this web page for reference]: 

- Name

- Professional/personal (where appropriate) details & address

- Area of Interest. This is the (very) short outline of your interests (individual, research group, company, ...) that you would like to see under "Area of Interest". As you can see, there is not much space available. The "Area of Interest" column has to be presented in such a way that our other members can understand at a glance how your work/ideas shall be integrated within the NewPOL Network Framework Programme.

3) Once an Ordinary Member: what then?

The details of your organisation/activities shall be posted on the appropriate web page. You are kindly asked to send in a Progress Report once a year explaining the results of your efforts as an Ordinary Member of the NewPOL Network. This means an account of the progress made, or difficulties you may have encountered during the year, new ideas, new suggestions, ...etc...

National Coordinating (NC) Team Membership

If you wish to take a more active part in the NewPOL Network, you are strongly encouraged to join an existing National Coordinating (NC) Team or create one yourself if the country is not already represented by a complete NC Team. Please refer to the link Call for National Coordinators for more information. All the internal links in this section, including the National Coordinating Teams' Progress Reports, are strongly recommended before any application.

1) What are the conditions to create and/or team up with an existing National Coordinating Team?

Become an Ordinary Member and further evidence that he/she has fully integrated the notion of interface, beyond a superficial intellectual understanding. 


"I know his/her work, but I do not know the man/woman".

I sometimes have the pleasure of listening to very interesting lectures and come across presentations/monographs/books that are utterly compelling, highly readable, beautifully and simply written.

The ability to speak or write clearly and simply on some very complex issues is one of the hallmarks of multi-talented and highly gifted scientists.

Some of these lecturers/authors give the impression that they have fully understood the basic notion of "interfaces", that they have succeeded in illustrating the link between their lab research (and specific area(s) of interest) and the Well-Being of Society/Quality of Life. 

My first reaction is very enthusiastic: I try my best to meet this person who seems to have integrated his/her professional activities with his/her everyday life.

Speaking from personal experience (and that of many colleagues), it turns out that many of these exposed or published open-minded and cross-cutting ideas are for the gallery only. They may be good publicity for the author's image and for the University/Research Institute where he/she happens to be working or that has invited him/her, but that's as far as it goes. More often than not, the speaker/author turns out to be very different - and even the opposite - from the wonderful impression the lecture/article/work first gives you. 

In other words, the author/speaker has maybe understood but certainly not integrated the notion of interface.

You find this everywhere and not only in the academic world: a gifted musician, composer, dancer or poet, a creative artist or an original writer (in any subject), ...

Admission therefore implies that the candidate has fully integrated his/her professional life with his/her personal life: the man/woman is not different from his/her ideas, his/her work and publications.

2) What is the National Coordinating Team Membership Admission Procedure?

Please refer to the link What is a NC?

3) Once a National Coordinating Team Member: what then?

Please refer again to the link What is a NC?

What are the conditions to remain a member?

You are what you seemed when you were admitted as a Member.

Members who have not shown any active interest for a year shall be unlisted. 


The NewPOL Network is definitely not just another platform for EU 7FP Calls for Proposals: we are not interested in researchers who have such exclusive focussed research interests that they cannot integrate their views in a broader, global perspective. Indeed, more than two thirds of Cordis applications are turned down for this reason. Generally speaking, only about 4% of ALL applicants satisfy the NewPOL Network Admission criteria because the overwhelming majority are not able to see beyond their focussed training. Worse: they can't. Thanks to their Education.

Most Educational Systems worldwide are incompatible with the infrastructure and basic philosophy of the NewPOL Network, far more suited to the needs and potential of the Human Being. 

It is time to turn the page. 

The basic structure of Educational Systems in general and that of the EU FPs in particular must therefore be completely changed (and not just reviewed) in order to adapt to Reality. Transforming ERA's infrastructure may in turn help to transform the Educational Systems in the European Countries and beyond. And vice-versa. This shall be one of the NewPOL Network's major challenges regarding the EU's very conception of Research, Education and Business.   



The NewPOL Consortium Network Foundation

The NewPOL Consortium Network Foundation is under the direct responsibility of the Principal Coordinator and the respective National Coordinating Teams.



Enquiries may be addressed to the:

Academic Department

Business Department

Non-Profit & Non-Government Organisations Department

Artistic Department

Children's Department

Public Department

National Coordinators may also be contacted where applicable.  


The NewPOL National Coordinating Teams' Summer Resort in the South of France

Villa " Le Temps Des Cerises"