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This section is for artists from all possible backgrounds and interests: musicians, singers, sculptors, painters, dancers, choreographers, actors, ..., other, ... 

ALL are welcome!

Creativity has no frontiers!

You may be a well-known professional or consider yourself as "just" an "amateur"... 

Doesn't matter.

You feel you can contribute something to the NewPOL Network? Perhaps through your own experience?

You would like to perform, show and/or discuss your work (or your artistic activities) and ideas with/to a very wide audience?

Then, please contact us as soon as possible.

We are presently busy receiving applications. These shall be reviewed and published in due course.  


List of Artists

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1. Babienko, Vladimir


2. Migolatyeva, Nataliya


3. Nadorfi, Lajos


4. Veyt, Monique


5. Elbo, Raoul