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This section highlights only the main Activities 



World Congress “EU Science: Global Challenges Global Collaboration” at the European Parliament. 4th - 8th March 2013.


- The Congress has been a formidable platform for both the IMNRC-NewPOL Network and the World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project (WSWBQoLP). There is unanimity regarding the most complex and urgent challenge of our time: integration. The dominant themes throughout the congress were education and governance. The existing educational system is not sufficiently powerful to enable us to deal with the complexities of the challenges we are faced with. In order to deal with the challenges of today that are all inherently interdisciplinarily integrated, you need an institution that can apply the education of tomorrow, integrated interdisciplinarity. This shall be the first Pilot International Interface Research Center (IIRC) a futuristic educational and research center with unlimited resources that shall be discussed in China during the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC). To my mind, the first Pilot IIRC in Europe should replace the European Institute of Technology (EIT) that offers nothing new regarding education and is therefore a complete waste of time and money. Integrated interdisciplinary challenges can only be appropriately managed at New Global Governance level: holistic interactive bottom-up top-down integrated interdisciplinary governance where the international referential is not economy or finance, but the Third Millennium’s Top Priority  - world society well being and Quality of Life – that includes economy, that includes finance. The perspective is completely different. This is the WSWBQoLP that has received enthusiastic political support from the European Commission, the European Parliament Presidency and the United Nations. There is now a general consensus that the only option available to coordinate, harmonise and blend the chaotic world increase in roadmaps, action plans and grids is the WSWBQoLP because it integrates all these initiatives and bubbles together.

Preparation and submission of Proposals to the European Commission in the following areas: SSH, SiS, Health, Environment, Energy and IEE. December 2011 - October 2012

NewPOL Network: Le Système Educatif. (23 novembre 2011)

Le Système Educatif est devenu « un passage obligé » dans l’existence pour augmenter ses chances de « réussir » dans la vie. Conscient de son pouvoir, il est devenu une dictature imposant sa loi, rançonnant et tenant le citoyen en otage. La connaissance n’appartient pas à telle ou telle personne ou institution. La connaissance est universelle. Elle devrait donc être gratuite.

NewPOL Network: Education. (23 November 2011)

What should be the fundamental role of Education? Achieving and sustaining World Society Well Being and Quality of Life, the Third Millennium's Top Priority. This means no less than a fundamental revolution in the World Educational System.

NewPOL Network: Belgique. Nouvelle Catastrophe Nationale Annoncée. La Belgique est indigne de représenter la Capitale de l'Europe. Son seul espoir est un changement complet de mentalité. (22 novembre 2011)

Il faut absolument changer complètement le système et laisser la place à la Nouvelle Gouvernance (NG). Je rappelle que le Roi Lui-même n'avait pas dit non à cette suggestion il y a plusieurs mois!!

Je rappelle que la NG sert à d'abord sortir du lanyrinthe conceptuel pour ensuite inviter la population à prendre part à une gouvernance interactive participative du bas vers le haut et du haut vers le bas.

NewPOL Network: France. Décès de Madame Danielle Mitterrand. (22 novembre 2011)

Décès de Madame Danielle Mitterrand. François Mitterrand fut le premier Chef d'Etat à soutenir l'action de ce qui allait devenir l'IMNRC-NewPOL Network. J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer et de parler à Madame Danielle Mitterrand au Parlement Européen. On avait sympathisé. Elle disait aussi qu'il fallait changer complètement le système et utiliser un autre système de valeurs que l'économie, la finance, ...

NewPOL Network: Interface Theory. (6 November 2011)

Interface Theory is a completely new and very complex field of research. Interfaces are not only omnipresent, they are the interconnecting principle that integrate the infinitesimally small with the infinitesimally large. The interface is an extraordinarily powerful investigating tool; it is the key to understanding the universe including therefore ourselves and the Life Sciences. It can also be considered as a World Society Well Being and Quality of Life investigation tool. Applications of Interface Theory are multiple from fundamental research to new governance:

- The Interface Paradigm
- The Interface Assimilation Program (IAP)
- New Physics (much more powerful than quantum physics, relativity theory and string theory)
- Integrated Interdisciplinarity: The Education of Tomorrow
- The International Interface Research Center (IIRC): The Futuristic Educational and Research Institution
- New Governance with its Interface Ministry (= the National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Ministry), its Interface Ministry Network in turn linked to the EU/UN (or the equivalent) DG Interface Department. The Human World Grid can only be governed by a highly articulate interactive form of governance with the people. This is New Global Governance. New Global Governance has absolutely nothing to do with a kind of World Order that would be imposed on the people against their will.

Isaac Newton "discovered" the integral. Max Planck "discovered" quantum theory. Albert Einstein "discovered" relativity theory. Vivian Linssen "discovered" interface theory and the interface. That's all.

NewPOL Network: The IMNRC-NewPOL Network acquires a strong international political and academic reputation. (6 November 2011)

The IMNRC-NewPOL Network is acquiring a strong international political and academic reputation. The World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project (WSWBQoLP) was very pleased to have received official support from the EU Institutions and the UN; after all this was the result of nearly thirty years of hard work. But the general reaction I felt was...envy. So instead of joining ...and helping us, other organisations tried to see if they could "do as well as" us. These last few years, there has been an exponential increase of initiatives/organisations throughout the world on themes of freedom, peace, conflict, democracy, human rights, love, health, well being and quality of life, health and the environment, poverty, the wealth divide, education, ... each competing instead of collaborating with the other. In order to be effective at world level, there must be a world collaboration. So why don't we all collaborate??? Each can perfectly well keep his/her own identity/logo under the one common banner: "World Society Well Being and Quality of Life". If you feel concerned with this planet's future, please contact and support us.

NewPOL Network: European financial crisis. (1 November 2011)

Finance is being caught up by a growing social revolution from bottom-up that is likely to spread across frontiers. The Greek referendum announcement hits markets hard, throws Europe into confusion and ignites anger. If the referendum says no (which is highly likely), the consequences shall be catastrophic for Europe and maybe the World IF AND ONLY IF we continue clinging desperatel...y to outdated finance/economy/business models as THE international referential. Finance/economy is just a component of and must bow to World Society Well Being and Quality of Life; not the other way round. So, replace the existing financial/economic referential by the World Society Well Being and Quality of Life referential (that includes finance and economy), and you are there. (NB. For lack of space, I am simplifying). Indeed, World Society Well Being and Quality of Life is THE referential for New Global Governance.

Now regarding Europe, the problem is quite simple. Interconnecting countries together is basically an excellent idea, but just how is of vital importance. The Beginning is The End. The construction of Europe soon reached such a level of complexity that politicians, academics and experts became out of their depth. They were faced with an integrated interdisciplinary challenge, something that their education has not prepared them for.

The motivating principle that initially led different EU countries to come together was not society well being and quality of life but just one of its components – economy – completely disregarding all the rest. The initiative was also only unidirectional: top-down. This artificial fragmentation was bound to create problems. The fragmented approach indeed gives the initial impression that you are free and independent to go as you will allowing yourself to make rapid progress (but maybe crushing mankind on the way), but this progress – because of a disregard for other components and complete lack of coordination/ synchronisation – creates a disequilibrium that spreads out to the other components of society well being and quality of life. Once this lack of harmony reaches a certain threshold, the whole system breaks down. The latter may be maintained for a limited time through artificial and sometimes dictatorial means (even in so-called modern democracies), but the shearing forces brought about by multiple factors (frustration, unrest, resentment, anger and grief) shall sooner or later lead to the collapse of the system.

There is only one solution. Simplify complexities and propose an alternate more articulate governance with the people. This means applying Interface Theory: creating one Interface (or National Society Well Being and Quality of Life) Ministry per country (that would integrate all the other national ministries ---> a network of Interface Ministries ---> linked to an EU/UN (or equivalent) DG Interface Department. This is New Global Governance where the international referential is indeed World Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

Greed (just as envy, fear, hate, love, emotions of different kinds, ...) also forms part of the citizen's subjective feeling of Well Being and Quality of Life in his/her own country's society. It is however "disconnected" from the rest as if both notions had nothing in common. Envy is not perceived as forming part of National SWBQoL for example. The day the citizen sees how and to what degree his/her greed, that of others and society greed all affect national (and by extension world) society well being and quality of life (and the consequences, like back-firing for example...), then things may change.

NewPOL Network: Belgique. La Gouvernance "Participative". (1 Novembre 2011)

La Governance Participative ne mènera nulle part tant que chacun vit dans un labyrinthe conceptuel. La Nouvelle Gouvernance consiste précisément à d'abord sortir du labyrinthe pour ensuite mettre en œuvre une gouvernance participative interactive. Sinon, cette dernière aboutira à nouveau au chaos.

NewPOL Network: Education & Research. (1 Novembre 2011)

The IMNRC is slowly becoming THE international reference for the World Educational System. Students (and their parents) must know that they are going to spend a fortune and years of their life acquiring unidisciplinary qualifications/degrees that shall soon not be recognised anymore and therefore become worthless. Unidisciplinary education is doomed and universities that do not adapt shall disappear by natural selection. We have now reached a stage where being a Top Unidisciplinary University in whatever classification makes no sense in an interdisciplinary world. The first pioneering futuristic educational and research establishment that shall be able to apply integrated interdisciplinarity shall be the pilot International Interface Research Center (IIRC). Similar Centers shall be built throughout the world (one per country).

NewPOL Network: Middle East. (24 September 2011)

Middle East. The ONLY way to achieve permanent peace is through the World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project (WSWBQoLP), an IMNRC-NewPOL Network initiative officially encouraged by the European Commission, United Nations and the European Parliament Presidency. Teams are URGENTLY NEEDED to represent the WSWBQoLP in EACH COUNTRY! Peace for one is not peace for another. Tricky business... Some may "find" "inner peace" but still live in a conceptual maze without being aware of it. You cannot go to peace; it comes to you. But if you recognise peace you are necessarily still in the conceptual maze. So, you need to get out of the conceptual maze. How? If you know, you are again in the conceptual maze. Please think this over. To achieve world peace, you need to change the world's mindset. This can be achieved with the World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project.

There is a growing worldwide interest and political support for this project, BUT IF THERE IS NO CORRESPONDING WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL SUPPORT WE SHALL STILL BE NOWHERE IN TEN YEARS' TIME!

There are many ways to help us: donations, different types of sponsoring, annual subscription membership fee, advertising contracts, business contracts, research contracts, grants, ...

For more information concerning financial support, please visit NCNF/ncnf.htm

NewPOL Network: Death penalty. (23 September 2011)

I am in principle in favour of the death penalty: we have a tendency to forget the victims and their families... But then how can one be absolutely certain that the guilty is really guilty? And if the guilt is established, the murderer was not born a murderer: he became a murderer. So, what or who turned him into a murderer and why? In other words, who is responsible?

NewPOL Network:

This struggle is like David against Goliath.

Entities that represent a threat to parts of the system are eliminated either physically or socially or economically or morally or politically or etc….

The IMNRC-NewPOL Network represents a threat to the whole system at large so our situation is even worse: there is pressure from all sides. The System is in danger of collapsing and knows it. The System shall therefore do everything it can to delay the inevitable.

If you have any weak points, The System shall use these as leverage to destroy you.

The only way we can accelerate the process and succeed is through a collective effort, an integrated interactive bottom-up top-down strategy.

This collective effort means collective solidarity to provide a solid healthy financial foundation for all our activities including maintenance costs. We need secretaries, administrative and PR assistance. The dictatorial regime in Belgium is making our working conditions quite shocking. The Belgian « government » refuses to subsidise the IMNRC-NewPOL Network but sends its bailiffs to pay for taxes... Please refer to

If Facebook readers wish to support us, there are different options, from the basic Annual Subscription Membership Fee to sponsoring, donations, philanthropy, commercial contracts and venture capital. You can contact us by using the Facebook messenger service. Please also visit

NewPOL Network: World Crisis. (6 September 2011)

Citizens in Egypt, Israel, Marocco, Tunis, Syria, Lybia, UK...manifested in the streets because their elementary rights to well being and quality of life were not respected. What about the Belgians? The Belgians just remain their usual apathetic cowardly self.

NewPOL Network: Japan. (3rd September 2011)

The IMNRC-NewPOL Network has been invited by the Vulcanus Programmes Manager to host trainees from leading Japanese universities who are students in engineering and other scientific/high-tech fields.

NewPOL Network: Belgium - The Capital of Europe - The Capital of Democracy. (22 August 2011)

I am very critical regarding Belgium, a dictatorial regime with an outward appearance of democracy. As such, Belgium CANNOT continue to represent the Capital of Europe.


Belgium has been without a government for more than a year now. The country is going to pieces from inside. Politicians are getting completely out of their depth and just do not know what to do. The population is quite apathetic. The hold the Belgian System has on the population is quite amazing.

Worse, the Belgian State shall be tried before the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for not respecting human rights, endangering the life of citizens, abuse of weakness and linguistic/racial/ethnic discrimination regarding access to healthcare for the elderly.

This is not ideal for the Capital of Europe, the Capital of Democracy.

The result being that the Belgian “government” is making my working conditions terrible: no subsidies, continuous moral harassment (mobbing at work), threats (electricity cuts, other), intimidation, programmed intellectual and financial asphyxiation.

The more successful we are on the international scene, the nastier they are in Belgium. I have received invitations to travel outside Belgium. I replied that for the moment, this would be risky for family property reasons.

NewPOL Network: World Crisis. (8 August 2011)

The reactions regarding the World Crisis can be resumed thus: "What are we going to do? What are we going to do?? What are we going to do??? Help!" But the World doesn't know and looks on...

The World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project paves the way for New Global Governance. Despite the official political support for this initiative from the EC, EP and UN, the general inertia is quite shocking. World mental inertia and bureaucratic inertia. National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile Evaluation Teams must be created! Now!

The frustration in world society is reaching dangerous proportions. I said long ago that the system is turning our planet earth into a ticking time bomb. Only a few listened, a drop in an ocean of indifference and inertia. The world is faced with an integrated interdisciplinary challenge, something that its educational system is powerless to handle. The Education of Tomorrow shall prepare the Governance of Tomorrow. Integrated Interdisciplinary Education shall prepare Integrated Interdisciplinary Governance (= New Global Governance). Completely reconfiguring the educational system from school to university is necessary but this, unfortunately, is going to take time. One way to help solve the problem is through an integrated interdisciplinary interactive bottom-up top-down strategy: setting up the National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile Evaluation Teams. These teams link the bits and pieces together, represent the interests, concerns and hopes of the citizens and are therefore natural and essential partners for any national governance. I hope you see this.

I am proceeding with a global turnover of our Teams. Some have been confirmed at their post, others shall be transferred to the general pool. We are looking for interdisciplinarily minded people from all backgrounds and all nationalities [Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, ..) Middle East (Israel, Palestine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Irak, Syria, Lebanon, ...), Europe, Oceania, Africa, South America, ... We need SUSTAINABLE First Movers. In other words, reliable members who can work under considerable pressure and are immune to discouragement.

The Human World Grid can only be governed by a highly articulate interactive form of governance with the people. This is New Global Governance. New Global Governance has absolutely nothing to do with a kind of World Order that would be imposed on the people against their will.

NewPOL Network: Norway and Mass Murder. (27nth July 2011)

Norway thought that everything was going fine in its country. I would rather think that there was something deeply amiss but untangible going on that the people either failed or refused to notice.

Unhappiness and frustration are ticking time bombs. When these reach a certain threshold, you are faced with cool calculated murder or outbreaks of uncontrollable violence.

The National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile Evaluation Teams can also defuse these ticking time bombs before it is too late. I hope you see this. This just illustrates how vital these Teams are for any country and the world.

NewPOL Network: Human Tragedy in Africa. (27nth July 2011)

The local, regional, national and international management of the situation in Africa is catastrophic.

The U
nited Nations Organisation is not configured to deal with world society well being and quality of life challenges.

Once more, this illustrates the need for a New Global Governance.

NewPOL Network: European Parliament. The President of the European Parliament kindly sends me the European Parliament Resolution of 8 June 2011 on "GDP and beyond – Measuring progress in a changing world." (5 July 2011)

I must confess that the meaning of this information took some time to get through. Then suddenly, I got it!

International Institutions (European, ...) have been doing the leading up but need help to finalise the process that shall actually lead to World Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

And this is where we are invited to come in. The only organisation that can do this is the IMNRC-NewPOL Network. This is becoming quite fascinating!

I now understand much better why International Institutions have been encouraging our efforts and turning to us.


All we now need is a helping financial hand...

NewPOL Network: Le Système - The System. (4 July 2011)

Le Système = Système Educatif + Système Social + Système Economique + Système Politique + ... etc... Les fortes tensions qui existent déjà et qui risquent de s'amplifier avec les représentants du Système Educatif actuel (de l'école à l'université) et ceux qui en sont issus viennent de ce qu'il est condamné à disparaitre. Les diplômes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui ne seront plus valables demain. L'enseignement unidisciplinaire est devenu obsolète. Place à l'éducation de demain: l'interdisciplinarité intégrée.

The System = Educational System + Social System + Economic System + Political System + ... etc... The strong tension that exists already and that is likely to increase with representatives of the existing Educational System (from School to University) and graduates who were formatted in these establishments stem from the fact that these are doomed. The degrees of yesterday and today shall be worthless tomorrow. Unidisciplinary education has become obsolete. It is time for the Education Of Tomorrow: Integrated Interdisciplinarity.

NewPOL Network: The EIT. What is its future? (3 July 2011)

Both the European Commission and European Council seemed reserved regarding the future of the EIT. “Well, well, well…” I thought to myself, this IS unexpected. This gave me courage to make my speech and get across some hard criticisms regarding the EIT remarking on the way to all present that the EIT was inspired from MY work! I guess everybody understood between the lines: breach of IPR!


Those who follow our activities shall notice that the speech said nothing new. The message just has to sink in: we must change the World Educational System.

1rst Intervention.

The Top Priority of the 3rd Millennium is World Society Well being and Quality of Life. Period.

Where does the EIT fit in?

I must first do some leading up before offering our counterproposal for future discussions.

World Society Well Being and Quality of Life is the interdisciplinary integration of a multitude of interacting components including education, environment, politics, health, finance and economics, nutrition, social sciences and the humanities, culture, etc … in other words all the thematics that are included in the EU/UN Research programmes.

I am regularly invited to the European Parliament, European Commission and Universities for workshops/conferences and have come to an alarming conclusion: whatever the theme, the issues we are faced with have reached such a level of complexity that experts, academics, politicians and the audience are getting completely out of their depth. Their education has not prepared them to deal with integrated interdisciplinary challenges.

World Society Well Being and Quality of Life is such a challenge

But in order to deal with integrated interdisciplinary challenges, you need to turn to the Education Of Tomorrow: integrated interdisciplinarity. You need to fundamentally change the Educational System. This the EIT does not and cannot do.

And this is precisely what we are working on. This shall be discussed after the World Summit on World society Well being and Quality of Life that shall be held in China. This has been confirmed and I am expected in Shanghai. The initiative has received official encouragements from the European Commission (Dali Cabinet) and the United Nations (Sec Gen).

After the Summit, there shall be the IMIRC (International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress). During Part III of the IMIRC, there shall be a discussion on the construction of the futuristic Education and Research Center, the International Interface Research Center (IIRC) that shall apply integrated interdisciplinarity.

Why not collaborate and fuse both projects instead of creating yet another kind of EU Howard Hughes Institute? Try creating something really original!

Second intervention.

The most important challenge is turning to the Education Of Tomorrow: integrated interdisciplinarity. Since the EIT does not have the capacity to do this, how can it improve world society well being and quality of life? It can't! So what's the point for an EIT?

I added that the EIT was directly inspired from my work and preceded the EIT; not the other way round.

NewPOL Network: International. World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project. World Networking. (1rst July 2011)

Participation is open to EVERYBODY. Contact us directly. Web Site:

NewPOL Network: International. Epidémiologie - Gouvernance - Education.

Les graves dysfonctionnements dans la gestion initiale de l'épidémie d'E. coli démontrent les sérieuses carences dans la gouvernance, carences qui ne sont que le résultat d'un système éducatif totalement inadapté à nos besoins. C'est tout le système éducatif mondial qu'il faut changer MAINTENANT. La reconfiguration intégrale de tout le système éducatif implique la disparition du Système Educatif actuel pour le remplacer par l'Education de Demain: l'interdisciplinarité intégrée. Or, disparition du Système Educatif actuel ---> conséquences en cascades = pertes d'emplois et financières massives. Education de Demain: énormes investissements nécessaires. Pourtant, seule l'Education de Demain donnera à notre civilisation la capacité de survivre, sur Terre et ailleurs.

NewPOL Network: International Situation in 2011. (3 June 2011)

The international community remains unable to deal with integrated interdisciplinary challenges. 1. The recent virulent E. coli outbreak in Europe. The most seriously ill patients have hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) due to Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC). The initial inability to evaluate an integrated interdisciplinary challenge led to very serious economic consequences with resulting international sociopolitical tensions. 2. Earthquake + tsunami + nuclear disaster in Japan. 3. Politics + Sex + ICT. 4. Conflict prevention/management. 5. Economic/financial Crisis. 6. Etc…

There is an urgent need for a New Global Governance Model.

NewPOL Network: Green Week 2011 [24th-27nth May 2011]. (29 May 2011)

The atmosphere was pleasant and informal. On the positive side, the event was very useful for networking. On the negative side, everything (presentations, exhibits) was disconnected. The fragmented approach to the thematic “Environment” has now reached saturation. It is presently urgent to see how we can link the different bits and pieces of this fragmented approach together; otherwise we shall still be nowhere in a year’s time.

After introducing myself and briefly reminding the IMNRC-NewPOL Network’s activities I took the floor in different sessions to make the following comments:

1. Exceptional Panel Session in the presence of three Commissioners.

i. There is a need for an integrated interdisciplinary approach to the environment (food, etc…) and all the other thematics that are all components of Society Well Being and Quality of Life. Well Being and Quality of Life is the interdisciplinary integration of a multitude of interacting components like the environment, economy, health, education, culture, food, etc… I suggested that the European Commission in 2012 replace Green Week (or Food Week, Energy Week, Culture Week, Economics Week, Whatever...Week) by Sustainable Society Well Being and Quality of Life Week.

ii. I mentioned the World Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life in China. I informed the audience that the principle of holding the Summit Meeting had been confirmed in China and that the initiative had received official encouragements from the European Commission and United Nations. I warmly and publicly thanked the Commissioner Dalli in his presence for the encouragements I received from his Cabinet.

Commissioner Potocnik warmly and enthusiastically supported my intervention.

2. Panellists recognised the need to cross-link and interconnect different fields. I said that there is indeed a need for network integration and a need for a paradigm change. But as long as this paradigm change is not achieved in the Educational System, we are nowhere!

The president agreed.

3. The role of the Ombudsman.

I challenged the Ombudsman. I related the issue concerning the atmospheric and noise disturbances from air traffic to many inhabitants living in and around Brussels. The Council of State supported the inhabitants’ action against the Belgian State that was ordered to pay for damages and put a stop to planes flying over residential areas. Nothing was done. The Belgian State refuses to abide by Belgian Law. Would the Ombudsman be of any assistance?

Following a further conversation I had with the panel immediately after the session, it seems that there may be possibilities for direct action. Those who are concerned with this issue may contact me directly. The Belgian State’s refusal to abide by Belgian Law has left a poor impression on the European Commission.

4. Green Week Final Session.

I formulated what to me was Green Week 2011’s Obvious Main Conclusion. “I shall say this slowly so that it sinks in: there is a NEED FOR AN INTEGRATED INTERDISCIPLINARY MENTALITY”. This can be achieved through an integrated bottom-up and top-down approach. Bottom-up: the Educational System. Top Down: the Commissioner Potocnik‘s efforts.

I was pleased to note that Commissioner Potocnik completely agreed with me.

I hope that my interventions shall be available for you to see. The present comment shall be posted on our website.

One leitmotiv in Green Week was also the shocking inertia in virtually anything that has to be undertaken to make things change. “Everybody always waits for the first movers, for others to move first... The result being that many wait a very long time indeed... More than a hundred(!!) years ago, a warning was published by Alfred Arthur Wallace saying that human beings were doing irretrievable damage to this planet and dilapidating its resources...


Green Week Video Recordings can be viewed here

NewPOL Network: World Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life in China. (May 2011)

I am very pleased to announce that the IMNRC-NewPOL Network initiative to organise the World Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life in China that shall include all the countries of the world has today received unusually enthusiastic and strong official encouragements from the European Commission and United Nations. This is an important international recognition of our activities.

NewPOL Network: International. EMI Briefing with Jean-Claude Juncker on Economic Governance at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU. (20 April 2011)

I liked Pat Cox's introductory remarks. I took the floor after Jean-Claude Juncker's interesting speech. The gist of the meeting was "How are we going to get out of the crisis?" The problem seems to be that the instruments provided to find are not well implemented. I explained that the issues we are faced with have reached such a level of complexity that "experts", academics and politicians are getting completely out of their depth. These are integrated interdisciplinary challenges, something that education has not prepared us for. It is time to change to the Education of Tomorrow: integrated Interdisciplinarity. For example instead of speaking of "Economic" Governance, we should consider speaking of "Society Well Being and Quality of Life" Governance. Jean-Claude Juncker made no mention (not even once) of Well Being and Quality of Life in his presentation on Economics, as if the two were disconnected... He should make this connection for the public, the audience: this has high educational value and introduces interdisciplinary thinking in a very nice informal way. Reactions were most encouraging after my intervention at the following reception where I went on to discuss the unhealthy situation in Belgium. Thank goodness there are these interesting discussions at Diplomatic Representations, the European Parliament, Commission and Council, Universities and Research Institutes: it takes me out of little narrow-minded Belgium.

NewPOL Network: University training questionable (December 2010)

Universities in general (EU and Non-EU) pose a delicate but very serious problem.

I have attended countless workshops/conferences at the European Commission, Parliament, Council, Senate, Universities, ... and the conclusion is always the same: the issues have reached such a level of complexity that academics, experts, politicians, ... seem out of their depth. They don’t really know what to do.

The public does not know where to turn to...

The reason is that we are faced with integrated interdisciplinary challenges, something that education has not prepared us for.

The IMNRC is working on the very foundations of Education, completely rethinking the basic structure of the Educational System (from school to University/College). The IMNRC represents the Education of Tomorrow: integrated interdisciplinarity. Interface Theory and one of its applications, the Interface Assimilation Programme (IAP) demonstrate that unidisciplinarity (literature, politics, medicine, sciences, philosophy, religion, music, dancing, painting, sports, law, physics, linguistics, mathematics, human sciences, any form of artistic expression, etc…) ceases to « exist » as such. Unidisciplinarity has had its time: unidisciplinary education, and the degrees it confers, is doomed.

The IMNRC does not recognise conventional degrees (D.Sc., M.D., Ph.D., M.A., B.Sc., ...) because these credentials are simply too focussed and fragmented: they are quite inadequate to enable an integrated understanding of the Universe, and therefore Planet Earth's Society Well Being and Quality of Life, the 3rd Millennium’s Top Priority. Please see

NewPOL Network: European Parliament - STOA - 'Is an oil free future possible? - The science, technology and economics of running Europe without oil' (December 2010)

I remarked that here again we were faced with an integrated interdisciplinary challenge, something that education has not prepared us for. I reminded the audience that the NewPOL Network proposes a new integrated interdisciplinary global governance model based on the Interface Paradigm. I went on to address Shai Agassi and spoke of our Pilot Scheme 1 (PS 1): the conversion of a whole village in Flanders to the use of new and renewable energies, including transport. I explained that such a typical integrated interdisciplinary project was fraught with difficulties not the least being linguistic. I told Shai Agassi that if he wished to go ahead successfully in his enterprise, integrating his proposed technology (EV = Electric Vehicles) within a global framework of world society well being and quality of life was essential.

I went on to mention the World Summit on Well Being and Quality of Life that shall be taking place in China. This has been confirmed and I am expected in Shanghai.

Finally, I remarked that whatever the issue at hand (agriculture, taxes, environment, climate change, dementia, conflict, diseases, space, ...) it seemed to me that politicians, experts or academics were getting out of their depth. The problems they are faced with today have reached such a level of complexity that they do not really know what to do. Education has not prepared them to deal with such hypercomplex challenges.

The Workshop was transmitted on Internet. Videos of both morning and afternoon sessions are available: [Morning Session] - [Afternoon Session].

NewPOL Network: Réponse de Sa Majesté le Roi Albert II. (Novembre 2010)

A ma proposition de former un gouvernement (donc formateur) sur un tout nouveau modèle de gouvernance, la réponse n’est pas non...

Cependant, tant qu'il n'y a pas de demande officielle claire et explicite du Palais Royal, la situation demeure ambiguë.

NewPOL Network: International Reference. (Novembre 2010)

The Research Center (IMNRC) and Organisation (NewPOL Network) seem to have been recommended by the European Commission and some International Organisations for intern/traineeships in multiple areas. We have received applications. Selections are based on the candidate’s profile and integrated interdisciplinary potential.

Le Centre de Recherches (IMNRC) et l’Organisation (NewPOL Network) ont semble-t-il été recommandés par la Commission Européenne et certains Organismes Internationaux pour y accueillir des stagiaires dans diverses disciplines. Nous avons reçu des demandes. La sélection des candidats s’effectue sur la base du profil ainsi que du potentiel interdisciplinaire intégré du/de la candidate.

NewPOL Network: "international conference on "Improving the quality of life of people with dementia: A challenge for European society" (Novembre 2010)

I was invited by the Federal Health and Food Agency to attend a high level two-day international conference on "Improving the quality of life of people with dementia: A challenge for European society" at the Husa President Park Hotel in Brussels. I formed part of the Belgian Delegation. I made quite a few interventions on the approach to dementia and again insisted on turning to the Education of Tomorrow.

The Flemish Minister of Health distributed a paper on Dementia-Friendly Flanders. I reminded the Minister that my French-speaking patient with Lewy Body Disease died prematurely because of linguistic apartheid and that Belgium shall have to account for racial/linguistic/ethnic discrimination before the European Court of Human Rights.

The Flemish Health Director of the King Baudouin Foundation tried to prevent me from relating the incident.

During the last session, the UK moderator (former European Commission Officer) had the courage and honesty to read out an article describing the shocking living conditions of some of the elderly with dementia in his country.

I do believe that more coercive measures should be undertaken when the well being and quality of life of the citizen is not respected.

NewPOL Network: Asphyxie intellectuelle et financière programmée pour tout opposant à la clique gouvernementale belge et européenne, valet du système. (Novembre 2010)

La clique politique belge (Gouvernement & Associés) empêche l'IMNRC de se rendre à l'Institut Pasteur de Paris pour assister à un Symposium sur "Microbes for Health" auquel il avait été invité pour créer une unité interdisciplinaire intégrée destinée à comprendre en détails les mécanismes de notre nouveau traitement du cancer invasif de la vessie.

NewPOL Network: “Music and the Sciences of the Mind” at the Belgian Academy of Sciences (Novembre 2010)

Lecturers included neuroscientists, musicologists, medics, psychologists, a chemist, a sociologist, ...) The meeting was very interesting and exchanges were on a high level. I made quite a few comments, pointed out some important missing links and stressed the importance of turning to the Education of Tomorrow: Integrated Interdisciplinarity. A colleague neuroscientist from Flanders had the elegance to recognise that my work was far more advanced than what was presented during the colloquium. I knew this, of course, but just noted that the compliment came first from a Flemish citizen.

NewPOL Network: "A contribution to Tearing Down the Great Wall of Ignorance between China" In the presence of the Belgian Presidency, I thought it would be a good idea to speak to the Chinese of European democracy, of how a European saw Europe from inside, how a Belgian perceived Belgium and our wonderful western values that are held as an example by many. There were about 300 people, including many Chinese representatives. I spoke of the premature death of an elderly French speaking lady who died prematurely in Flanders (Tervuren) because of linguistic apartheid. I said that Belgium would have to account before the European Court for Human Rights for not respecting human rights and racial/linguistic/ethnic discrimination regarding access to healthcare for the elderly not to mention the programmed intellectual and financial asphyxiation of anyone who opposes the Belgian Government and European clique. I was about to continue to give my impression of European Democracy when the Dutch moderator told me to shut up. I retaliated: "Is this your idea of democracy? You are preventing democracy!" This was followed by applause and a strong reaction in the audience to the amusement and delight of all our Chinese guests.

Lors du congrès consacré à la manière dont la Chine était perçue par l’UE et vice-versa, j’ai estimé utile d’exposer la manière dont un européen percevait l’UE de l’intérieur et la manière dont la Belgique était perçue par un belge… En parlant de la démocratie belge et européenne, des droits de l’homme et des belles valeurs occidentales (donc belges et européennes), j’ai réussi à mettre la Belgique, la présidence Belge de l’UE et l’UE complètement KO devant un parterre de Chinois complètement hilares et ravis.

NewPOL Network: "Food Security and Agricultural Strategies: What Room for Multilateral Governance?"

We discussed the agricultural crisis. It occurred to me that whatever the issue - agriculture, environment, conflict, diseases, climate change, politics, ... - experts and academics were getting out of their depth. Their education has not prepared them to deal with challenges of such complexity. They are often lost and things seem to be getting out of hand. In other words, they are incompetent. They are not to blame personally. The main culprit is their Education.

NewPOL Network: Middle East Conflict - African Conflict - Belgian Conflict - Conflict... (Novembre 2010)

Belgium is of course not the Middle East nor Africa. Yet the modus operandi that shall lead to solving the complex issues that face these regions is identical: « How to get out of the conceptual maze? » Well, this is precisely the Interface Paradigm.

This is applicable anywhere...

NewPOL Network: La Nouvelle Gouvernance - Belgique (Novembre 2010)

La Belgique 2010.

Un pays en liquéfaction qui n’a pas la maturité politique nécessaire pour représenter La Capitale de L’Europe, les politiques complètements dépassés par les événements, une population inerte ne sachant que faire, l’Etat Belge trainé en public devant la Cour Européenne des Droits de l'Homme pour non respect des Droits de l’Homme, abus de faiblesse, non assistance à personne en danger et discrimination raciale/linguistique/ethnique dans l’accès aux soins pour personne âgée (très mauvaise impression sur le plan européen et international), sans parler de l'asphyxie financière et intellectuelle programmée des opposants à la clique gouvernementale / européenne valet du système...

Le/la Belge ne se relèvera pas de sitôt.

Introduction au Plan d'Action de NewPOL Belgium. Cliquez ici.

[Pour en savoir plus] - [Read French]

NewPOL Network: Two day Meeting on « A New Space Policy for Europe » at The European Parliament in Brussels, 26 & 27 October 2010. The IMNRC-NewPOL Network perspective.

There were more than 800 participants.

We discussed: i. the Galileo Programme (Satellite Navigation) and ii. GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).

i. The Galileo Programme (Satellite Navigation). Useful applications will inc...lude social services to disabled or elderly people, tailored information to people on the move, improved management of all modes of transport, infrastructure and public works management, agricultural and livestock management and tracking, coordination of external staff and even e-banking and e-commerce authentication. Other applications are: guide the blind and people suffering from reduced mobility, monitor children or Alzheimer's sufferers with memory loss, help protect the environment, generalize precision agriculture, guide and rescue explorers, hikers, fishermen or sailing enthusiasts, provide on real-time information on local public transport.

ii. GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).


Problem: the whole European space program is in danger because of disagreement on the budget. If the EU cannot go ahead with its space programme it shall have to depend on other powers for the above applications resulting in considerable losses for the whole European Continent (credibility, reliability, prestige, autonomy, industry, competitiveness, economy, …)

One of the concerns was developing a new governance for European space infrastructures. I reminded the assembly that the NewPOL Network was a very avant-garde organisation that proposes a new integrated interdisciplinary model of global governance based on the Interface Paradigm. I remarked that before proposing a new governance for European space infrastructures, the EU should perhaps consider first solving its own chronic internal dysfunctions. Otherwise, these shall also be exported in space.

The Panel agreed with the NewPOL Network. There is a need for a better governance of our planet. There is a need to invest more in Pilot Activities. The benefits of space exploration must be made more intelligible and tangible to the public.

The Panel wishes to organise an international political forum on space exploration. The NewPOL Network prefers to integrate this forum in the World Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life that shall be held in China.

The Panel recognised repeatedly the need for integration, interaction, synergies (European database, space infrastructures with non space infrastructures, pooling and sharing space expertise, importance of an integrated system, …)

I reminded the assembly that unfortunately the educational system still formatted the student in intellectual straitjackets making the human being unable to deal with challenges that are all inherently interdisciplinarily integrated. There is FIRST a need to change the education of today (essentially unidisciplinary) to that of tomorrow: integrated interdisciplinarity. Otherwise, I told the Panel, you shall continue to find it hell to integrate anything.

What I found most encouraging was that Interface Language (missing link, interface, integration, coordination/synchronisation, synergies, interaction, new governance, interdisciplinarity, what is data/information?, interconnection, …) is beginning to be adopted in many congresses whatever the theme.

Space cannot be isolated from any other policy. A European policy means a European political identity. This means a new European Governance model (network of Interface Ministries linked to a DG Interface Department), paving the way to the global governance model proposed by the IMNRC-NewPOL Network based on the Interface Paradigm.

NewPOL Network: EESC - Workshop on Taxes (September 2010)

Leitmotiv of the workshop: need to change the economic paradigm, need to look for the missing links, an integrated collective approach to the crisis is absolutely vital. This is exactly what the NewPOL Network has been saying!

The Chairman was Melchior Wathelet, Secretary of State for the Budget. After having reminded the audience that the NewPOL Network proposed a new integrated interdisciplinary model of global governance based on the Interface Paradigm, I explained the reason for my presence: invite crossdisciplinary thinking. I addressed a professor at the KUL who said that « all national taxes are subject to fundamental freedoms as interpreted by the European Court of Justice ». He mentioned language issues and correctly remarked that Belgian taxes were shockingly high when compared to other countries.

I said that I had been invited by the Flemish Community to send in an abstract on access to healthcare for the elderly. Title of my abstract: « Well being and quality of life versus linguistics: the conceptual maze ».

I then began to cross-link the ideas that were expressed during the presentations. Some have already read this note elsewhere.

It is a question of good citizenship and national solidarity to pay for direct taxes provided that this works both ways. A citizen whose elementary right to well being and quality of life is not respected by the State should have the constitutional or legal right to question his/her obligation to pay for taxes that are deemed not deserved. I told the assembly that Belgium not only did not have the political maturity to represent the Capital of Europe, but also that the Capital of Europe shall also have to account before the European Court of Human Rights for not respecting human rights and linguistic/racial/ethnic discrimination in access to healthcare for the elderly. In the meantime we refuse to pay the taxes.

NewPOL Network: La Belgique n'est plus gouvernable. (Septembre 2010)

Des milliards d'euros de déficit et une incompétence flagrante de tous les politiques à gouverner. Voilà où nous en sommes avec les spécialistes diplômés des Universités belges en économie, politique et tutti quanti. Bref, ces diplômes ne valent pas grand-chose. La formation reçue est totalement insuffisante ...pour gérer la Belgique.



NewPOL Network: Le référentiel du NewPOL Network est apolitique, areligieux et aculturel. Autrement dit, tout le monde est le bienvenu. (Septembre 2010)

Je veux dire par là que le NewPOL Network n'a aucune couleur politique et n'appartient à aucun parti politique.

"Le Système" a été artificiellement cloisonné en sous-systèmes, tels la politique, l'éducation, la culture, la loi, la société, la religion, etc... Chez la majorité des gens, la "politique" est encore perçue comme une entité séparée du "reste". Par exemple, tu peux obtenir une Licence en Sciences Politiques et non en Sciences Biologiques. C'est donc le Système éducatif qui a séparé dès le départ ces deux matières, ce qui est absurde. Tu interroges un(e) passant(e) et 99,99% te répondront que la biologie et la politique sont des sujets totalement différents. D’ailleurs la formation est différente. Et c’est reparti... la fragmentation poursuit son œuvre...

Le NewPOL Network ne dissocie pas la "politique" de toutes les autres composantes du "Système". Donc la politique en tant que matière isolée n'existe plus.

De même avec les interfaces et l'IAP: l'unidisciplinarité (la littérature, le droit, médecine, sciences, les sciences humaines, la philosophie, les arts, la musique, la danse, le théâtre, toute expression artistique, la physique, le sport, etc...) "n'existe" plus.

Le NewPOL Network est donc effectivement très « politique » mais sa vision de celle-ci est tellement éloignée de la "politique traditionnelle" qu'elle est considérée comme "apolitique".


NewPOL Network: The NewPOL Network's referential is apolitical, areligious and acultural. In other words, all are welcome to join. (Septembre 2010)

Apolitical means that the NewPOL Network has no political colour and does not belong to (has no affiliation with) any political party.

« The System » has been artificially broken down into sub-systems (politics, education, culture, law, society, religion, science, medicine, …, etc…) that are in turn further fragmented into other compartments. To the majority of people, « politics » is still perceived as an area that is separated from « the rest ». The Educational System « presents » politics as completely different from, say, biology. So at the outset, Education has already conditioned the student to separate the « material » into « two subjects », to perceive them differently. Ask any passer by and 99.99% shall tell you that biology and politics are completely different subjects. The courses are different: why? This is absurd. The result shall be that a person is not only going to “see” politics and biology as “different” but shall have considerable difficulty integrating the two. And where does world society well being and quality of life fit in? Sounds mystical, unreal, …

The NewPOL Network does not dissociate “politics” from any other component of the “system”. So politics as an isolated subject ceases to exist.

Similarly with interfaces and the IAP: unidisciplinarity (literature, law, medicine, sciences, sociology, philosophy, arts, music, dancing, mathematics, physics, sport, etc…) “ceases” to exist.

The NewPOL Network is therefore indeed very political but its vision of politics is so different from traditional politics that it is considered “apolitical”.


NewPOL Network: Affrontement Européen concernant Sa Population. Qui Va Où? - European Population Clash. Who Goes Where? (16 September 2010)

Le Président de la Commission Européenne est en train d'utiliser l'affaire des Roms en France pour redorer son image.

Il oublie un peu vite que la Capitale de l’Europe devra rendre des comptes auprès de la Court Européenne des Droits de l’Homme pour abus de faiblesse, non respect des droits de l’homme, non assistance à personne en danger et discrimination raciale/linguistique/ethnique aux soins.

En réalité, il y a des problèmes dans tous les Etats. Certains sont stigmatisés, d'autres sont étouffés par opportunisme politique.

L’Europe n’a pas la structure appropriée pour s’occuper du bien être et de la qualité de vie de la société européenne. Par exemple, on garde les Roms en France = Problème. On les expulse = Problème.

Comment seront accueillis les futurs réfugiés de l’environnement, de la soif, de la faim, de l’espace vital, de l’explosion démographique, bref du bien être et de la qualité de vie? Seule une gouvernance globale entièrement restructurée pourra gérer ce problème.

Plus un système est complexe, plus il devient inerte (théorie des systèmes complexes). Il faut donc simplifier la complexité institutionnelle européenne. Autrement dit, il faut repenser intégralement sa structure afin de la rendre plus interactive et proche des gens avec le maximum d’impact sur le bien être et la qualité de vie du citoyen.

NewPOL Network: Belgium. Research Funding versus linguistics. The town of Tervuren became unilingual through a unilateral top-down political decision that was imposed on the linguistic minority without any prior consultation. The comment below illustrates just how unhealthy Belgium has become regarding research funding. (September 2010)

The IMNRC-NewPOL Network is based on what has become a strictly unilingual Flemish territory. All projects must be presented in Dutch. Projects that are not in Dutch are not eligible for consideration. So, no funds from the Flemish Community.

On the other hand, since I am based in Tervuren (Flemish Brabant) I am not eligible for funds from the other two Belgian Communities: the Brussels and Walloon Communities.

Linguistic considerations in Belgium are more important than innovation, the well being and quality of life of the elderly, the environment and climate change.

This just shows how pathetic and narrow-minded Belgium has become.

The best way to find funds in Belgium is therefore through independent international cooperation.

NewPOL Network: The Educational System (from school to university) still formats the human being in intellectual straitjackets making him/her quite unable to deal with challenges that are all inherently interdisciplinarily integrated.

The IMNRC has created ...a new educational (and therefore academic) structure (or system) that represents the Education of Tomorrow. All unidisciplinary institutions are simply not recognised anymore. They have done their time and are considered obsolete. And since these form 99% of all educational establishments throughout the world...

The IMNRC does not recognise conventional degrees (D.Sc., M.D., Ph.D., M.A., B.Sc., ...) because these credentials are simply too focussed and fragmented: they are quite inadequate to enable an integrated understanding of the Universe, and therefore Planet Earth's Society Well Being and Quality of Life, the 3rd Millennium's top priority. Please check out the link IMNRC.

NewPOL Network: World Society Well Being and Quality of Life – Environment - National and International Incompetence - Global Governance (August 2010)

Tsunami in Asia, Hurricane in New Orleans, Earthquakes in Italy and China, oil rig pollution in the States, terrible floods in Pakistan, India, China,... the international community remains completely helpless.

There is no world integrated interdisciplinary structure that enables the human being to deal with such complex challenges.

The IMNRC-NewPOL Network is the only organisation in the world that can provide the instrument so needed by the international community for harmonious bottom-up top-down coordinated and synchronised integrated interdisciplinary Global Governance.

This may explain the increasingly strong pro NewPOL Network lobby inside the institutions.

NewPOL Network: Belgique. La haine linguistique et interethnique en Flandres et la mentalité belge. (Août 2010)

En France, Il existe une émission assez extraordinaire sur TF1 qui s'appelle "Tous Ensemble". Une famille frappée par le destin (maladie, malhonnêteté ou faillite d’un entrepreneur) risque de se retrouver à la rue parce que leur maison est en ruine. Elle fait appel à cette émission et l’animateur avec une fougue hors du commun réussi à rassembler des bénévoles (matériaux compris) dans la région pour rénover la maison en UNE semaine.

En Flandres (Belgique), il y a une solidarité flamande pour tuer à petit feu une vieille dame malade francophone de 90 ans (objectif atteint) et maintenant son unique descendance.

En Belgique, il y a une solidarité nationale pour étouffer l’affaire.

Quel petit peuple!

Une copie a été envoyée à la Commission Européenne.

NewPOL Network: The difference between a solution and THE solution? (July 2010)

As often as not, solutions to immense engineering problems seem to be the simplest ones. I was thinking of immersion lithography. More generally, by simplifying complexities (i.e. clearing the fog), you can “see” much, much deeper. Within as well as without.

A simple and somewhat provocative way to present and resume the enormous potential of Interface Theory and the Interface Paradigm is thus:

“When faced with any problem, “experts” from traditional education factories (Universities) shall offer “a” solution. We on the other hand offer THE solution.”

Sounds terribly presumptuous and arrogant, I know. Yet it isn’t. The fact is that the solution proposed - please bear in mind that THE solution is not something rigid and static, but a highly interactive and dynamic process with regular turnovers or adaptations of its components - shall be the result of a holistic integrated interdisciplinary process that shall respect the natural interconnectedness between all things (data/information; but what is data/information?) throughout the different levels of abstraction. Everything fits, but not according to a predetermined pattern or model. And when I say “everything”, I mean everything: i.e. including data that has à priori absolutely nothing to do with the present issue at hand. Nothing is left out. Indeed, THE solution somehow integrates the notion of world society well being and quality of life. How? This shall be discussed both during the “Interface Events” and during the World Summit on World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life and the IMIRC.

Now please try to integrate the above with two other statements known to you already:

1. “The Interface Paradigm is a State of Mind. It is the latter that determines the way you collect, understand/assimilate, articulate data together whatever the data.”

2. “The NewPOL Network is NOT a Think Tank but a PROTO Think Tank: we are interested in what leads up to an idea.”

In fact, the NewPOL Network works thus: PROTO Think Tank ---> Think Tank ---> Do Tank.

Not only to we propose "THE" solution, but we have the integrated interdisciplinary instrument enabling its coordinated and synchronised application worldwide.

The NewPOL Network simplifies complexities. We therefore offer our services to solve complex educational, research and development, social, political, institutional, governmental and international issues. The Middle East Conflict is just one example.

NewPOL Network: Offers its services (July 2010)

The NewPOL Network offers its services to solve complex educational, research and development, social, political, institutional, governmental and international issues.

Le NewPOL Network offre ses services pour résoudre les problèmes complexes au niveau éducatif, recherches et développement,
social, politique, institutionnel, gouvernemental et international.

NewPOL Network: Le Massacre de Srebrenica -The Srebrenica Massacre (11 July - 11 juillet)

La Bosnie: 15e anniversaire du massacre de Srebrenica et de l'inertie criminelle de l'ONU. La journée doit être marquée par l'enterrement des restes de 775 des 8 000 victimes des forces serbes bosniaques.

Bosnia: 15nth Anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre and of the United Nation's criminal inertia. The day was marked by the burial of the remains of 775 out of the 8000 victims of the Bosnian armed forces.

NewPOL Network: Article de Presse (six pages) "La Haine Linguistique et Interethnique à Tervuren. J'accuse!" (juillet 2010)

L'Etat belge "assure" la Présidence de l'Union Européenne mais devra rendre des comptes auprès de la Court Européenne des Droits de l'Homme pour le non respect des Droits de l'Homme, de non assistance à personne en danger et de discrimination raciale.

Lire l"article:
"La Haine Linguistique et Interethnique à Tervuren. J'accuse!"

NewPOL Network: Europe and the Rest of the World. (May 2010)

There is a need for a new European model. But this model cannot be dissociated from the rest of the world. So in fact, there is a need for a new World model or system. This is where the NewPOL Network comes in.

Il faut un nouveau modèle européen. Mais ce modèle ne peut être dissocié du reste du monde. En somme, il faut un nouveau modèle - ou système - Mondial. C'est ici qu'intervient le NewPOL Network.

NewPOL Network: Belgium. Linguistic Hatred. Belgique. La Haine Linguistique. (May 2010)

Une personne âgée francophone de 90 ans habitant à Tervuren souffrant d'une pathologie lourde ayant cruellement besoin d'un complément financier pour des soins et aide ménagère à domicile se voit refusée toute aide de la Vlaamsezorgverzekering avant février 2011.

Motif? Payements effectués mais avec du retard. Donc pénalités et sanctions disciplinaires. Or comme l'intéressée ne comprend pas le néerlandais..... Il est vrai qu'à 90 ans et malade, elle a besoin d'une bonne correction n'est-ce pas...?! L'administration flamande se défoule comme elle le peut sur une personne sans défense. Ou plutôt si. Moi.

NewPOL Network: Congress on « China, the European Union and the Restructuring of Global Governance » at the European Economic & Social Committee (EESC). (May 2010)

Four NewPOL Network Interventions:

1. Speaking of Governance, Belgium does not seem to have the political maturity to govern itself and the European Institutions are plagued by chronic internal dysfunctions. Perhaps the EU countries should first set an international example to all before going ahead and proposing a model of Global Governance! There is a need for an integrated interdisciplinary instrument to coordinate and synchronise worldwide efforts in dealing with the 3rd Millennium’s top priority: world society well-being and quality of life. WE OFFER THIS INSTRUMENT. We shall be organising a World Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life in China sometime between 2010 and 2014: the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMNRC).

2. Why is the session on the Challenges of Climate Change dissociated from the session on the Prospects for New Governance of the Global Trading System (transport, CO2 emission, etc…)? By disconnecting these issues that ARE connected, your approach of the issue is inappropriate, leading inevitably to an inappropriate strategy. Education still formats the student in intellectual straitjackets making the Human Being unable to deal with challenges that are all inherently interdisciplinarily integrated. This also explains the Copenhagen Flop and the difficulty of applying multilateral or multipolar strategies. Disciplinary education is doomed!

3. We are here to try to find SOLUTIONS! We must go beyond interesting well structured academic presentations. Reference was made to protect the Chinese people, to protect the EU, to create regional alliances… I feel that there should be a general alliance to protect the 3rd Millennium’s Top Priority: World Society Well Being and Quality of Life. In spite of all its philosophies, knowledge, education, religions, cultures and the technology acquired since the beginning of humanity, the System has turned our planet Earth into a ticking time bomb… We must therefore look elsewhere. There is a problem in the way we think. There is a problem in the very way we process data. There is a need for a new thinking paradigm.

4. I am irritated by the EU’s constant criticisms regarding the Human Rights in China. Are European Human Rights and Democracy an example to go by? Start scratching the surface and see what happens. 20 meters from here, you see people begging. EU democracy is in fact a democracy under surveillance! Let me illustrate this by my personal experience with European democracy. After having openly criticised the World Banking System, the Fortis Bank, the Belgian Government and the European Institute of Technology initiative, my professional e-mail was blacklisted by Barroso and the Sec Gen. I was not allowed to correspond any further with anyone inside the European Commission. A few weeks later, I was prevented from having free access to the European Parliament by the EP Administration. This reaction was quite unheard of and embarrassed many. Indeed, a citizen was prevented from freely communicating with the European Institutions, the “Champions of Democratic Rights”. Mr Barroso’s and the Sec Gen’s interdiction notwithstanding, I continued to receive interesting official invitations from different DG Departments within the European Commission and the European Parliament and was regularly officially commended for my interventions, suggestions and advice. Manuel Barroso’s (and the Sec. Gen’s) despotic reaction gave the impression that the European Institutions were in fact pseudo-democracies, a democracy under control (or surveillance). Worse, this prefigures a dictatorial democracy. The President of the European Commission and Sec Gen refuse to consider any alternative to “their” vision of Europe, intimidate and muzzle an organisation if it represents a threat to “The System”. I therefore challenge Manuel Barroso’s legitimacy to represent Europe and Democracy. In Belgium, I was not able to correspond by e-mail anymore with any of my colleagues. A complaint (written in English since my Dutch is too elementary) was addressed to the Belgian Minister for ICT who was Flemish at the time. A few days later, everything went back to normal.

NewPOL Network: Medicine. Hope for Invasive Bladder Cancer Treatment. Please check out CWIN 4-1: Bladder Cancer. (May 2010)

Exciting news! I have been coordinating a novel integrated interdisciplinary treatment protocol for an invasive bladder cancer that was diagnosed back in 2006 at St.Jean Hospital, Brussels, Belgium. Check up yesterday: no recurrence of tumour. The results shall therefore definitely be published.

Résultats encourageants! Je coordonnais une nouvelle approche thérapeutique intégrée interdisciplinaire du cancer invasif de la vessie diagnostiqué en 2006. Contrôle effectué hier: RAS. Les résultats seront donc définitivement publiés.

NewPOL Network: Greece. Europe's Destiny? La Grèce. Destinée de l'Europe? (May 2010)

Greece. I fear that the very stringent European conditions for the loan (with interests - great example of solidarity!) shall have violent national socio-political consequences that could destabilise Europe. Not only were there other ways to help, but Greece was humiliated by the whole procedure. The Nation was forced on its knees to beg publicly repeatedly. They shall never forget this.


Grèce. Les conditions particulièrement coercitives du prêt européen (avec intérêts - bel exemple de solidarité!) risquent d'entrainer des réactions sociopolitiques nationales violentes qui pourraient ébranler l'Europe. On aurait pu s'y prendre autrement pour venir en aide. La Grèce a été humiliée par toute la procédure. On a forcé toute une nationa à se mettre à genou pour mendier publiquement à plusieurs reprises. Cela, elle ne l'oubliera jamais.

NewPOL Network: US Oil Rig Disaster (April 2010)

I am again quite staggered by the incompetence and lack of foresight of the US scientific and political community regarding the oil rig incident with the catastrophic ecological consequences. Could someone explain to me how the deuce no one ever thought of how to deal with the potential hazards of drilling petrol from the seabed??

NewPOL Nework: Shanghai Exposition - Belgium (Avril 2010)

La Libre : "Le Pavillon belge a Shanghai... a couté 10 millions d'euros et il a été conçu autour du concept du neurone qui reflète le rôle primordial de la science dans le développement intellectuel et culturel de notre société et symbolise la complexité du monde hyperconnecté..."

Neurone belge: c'est tout dire.

Hyperconnecté? Hyperfragmenté, hypercompartimentalisé oui. Une ICT très développée certes mais si les esprits ne se rencontrent pas... D'autre part, je crains fort que le petit esprit belge incapable de gouverner son propre pays ne desserve "le rôle primordial de la science dans le développement intellectuel et culturel de la société belge".

Je note l'association de la clique politico-scientifico-financière belge avec le Président Barroso. Très instructif tout cela.

Enfin, rappelons la violente altercation entre moi-même et un représentant du monde académique belge au Parlement Européen lors de la « semaine du cerveau » qui illustre bien l'extrême tension entre deux visions totalement différentes de l'éducation: l’une dépassée et l’autre tournée vers l’avenir.

NewPOL Network: Crise Belge - Démocratie verroulliée. Démocratie sous Surveillance. Démocratie Dictatoriale. (Avril 2010)

Nouvelle demande d'audience au Roi pour proposer nos services. En effet, toute approche conventionnelle de la Crise Belge est vouée à l'échec. A new appointment request has been sent to the King of Belgium to offer my services. Indeed, any conventional approach to the Belgian Crisis is bound to fail.


Les députés savent se mettre d'accord sur le voile mais sont incapables de gouverner le pays. Il est vrai que question de priorité, le voile est infiniment plus important que la gouvernance de la Belgique n'est-ce pas?

Je crains fort que la Belgique toute entière (politiques ET population) ne se ridiculise définitivement auprès de la communauté internationale à la fois par son incapacité à se gouverner et son petit esprit.

On ne peut plus s'adresser à la clique traditionnelle.

Il faut une approche intégrée interdisciplinaire coordonnée du "bas" vers le "haut" et du "haut" vers le "bas".

En "haut", il n'y a personne, sauf peut-être moi-même. Problème: on nous empêche de nous exprimer. Pire, le "Système belge" persiste dans son programme d'asphyxie intellectuelle et financière programmée de notre organisation.

Il faut donc une ACTION du "bas" vers le "haut".

Le référendum serait peut-être en effet utile mais sur une vision totalement nouvelle de la Belgique.

Qui appliquera cette nouvelle politique? Le NewPOL Network.

Des élections anticipées ne serviront à rien. C'est le Système politique belge lui-même - reflet de la mentalité belge - qui ne fonctionne pas. L'éclatement de celui-ci permettra de créer un nouveau système politique plus efficace. Nous proposons le NewPOL Network. Il faut d'abord créer une Unité Coordinatrice pour la Belgique. Appel à candidatures. Le recrutement s'effectue sur base du potentiel interdisciplinaire intégré de la /du candidat(e).


Les racines du mal = la formation: pas très efficaces les diplômes académiques en la matière. L'Education serait-elle une arnaque de l'esprit?

La clique politique belge a été grassement rémunérée pour rendre la Belgique ingouvernable. L'IMNRC-NewPOL Network réclame à l'Etat Belge des subsides pour rétablir l'unité du pays!

NewPOL Network: Invitation. Lecture entitled: "Corruption in all its states". Conférence: "La corruption dans tous ses états". (27 april 2010)

Two major types of corruption: small and large scale.

Estimated global financial loss due to corruption: 2,000,000,000,000.00 $...! Two thousand billion dollars...

Corruption is a serious threat to economic development.

The mechanisms and causes of corruption were analysed and we discussed ways of dealing with the issue. Conclusion: there is a need for a worldwide coordinated and synchronised integrated interdisciplinary approach to corruption.

I spoke of our action against the former Fortis Bank for damages and explained that the case is so delicate politico-financially speaking that lawyers hesitate to take up the case: too much pressure.

I also remarked that apart from financial corruption, there is also political corruption, politico-financial corruption, academic corruption not to forget the corruption of minds.

Finally, I asked the speaker if he had any « problems » speaking overtly of corruption; apparently not.

NewPOL Nework: Volcanic eruption and the consequences. (April 2010)

I am quite staggered by the incompetence, lack of foresight and complete absence of international coordination regarding the consequences of the volcano's eruption under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland.

Je suis effaré par l'incompétence, le manque de prévoyance et l'absence complète de coordination internationale concernant les conséquences de l'éruption du volcan en Islande.

NewPOL Nework: World Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life - The International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC) - April 2010 [Read more]

A. Open Call for World Collaboration

B. Call for NewPOL Network National Coordinating Team Applications

C. Call for NewPOL Network Public Membership

D. Funds

E. The IMNRC – NewPOL Network

NewPOL Network: The insecurity in the European Commission/European Parliament Brussels area is raising concern. The problem was evoked on Belgian television.

I liked the interview of Carlo Luyckx (Échevin des Affaires européennes de Saint-Gilles, Président de la Commission du Dialogue sur l'Europe et d'Europe en Progrès asbl).

I feel that the EC/EP only have themselves to blame here. The EC/EP buildings spell wealth, power, authority, bureaucracy and technocracy. Their somewhat futuristic architecture not to mention the luxurious hotels and flats that are now cropping up near the vicinity stand out aggressively against the poorer immediate surrounding regions of Brussels. This creates public envy and apprehension.

Two worlds not meeting. These two worlds are disconnected.

It may be a privilege to be able to assist conferences and eat good food inside the European Institutions, but not a hundred meters away, there are people begging. Something is going wrong somewhere.

Have these Institutions improved European society well-being and quality of life? No.

This lack of communication and understanding across the artificial divide together with the arrogance of some only serves to increase the general public resentment toward these institutions.

If the EU DG Interface Department (linked to a network of Interface Ministries) that would integrate all the other EU Departments (same principle as for the Interface Ministries) is created, this shall have an immediate impact on EU society well being and quality of life.

This IMNRC-NewPOL Network initiative, an application of the Interface Paradigm, is supported by senior European Council and European Commission officials. But this avant-garde EC/EP group only forms a minority. The overwhelming majority inside the EU Institutions is still alarmingly conventional.

The best bet seems to win the forthcoming European Parliament Elections in 2014 with the help of the people and some of the stronger EC/EP personalities near the top of the hierarchy who fully support the IMNRC-NewPOL Network but behind the scenes.

This means creating a NewPOL Network "Party" inside the European Parliament. We must therefore have NewPOL Network representatives for each country inside (and outside) the EU.

NewPOL Network: A. The European Institute of Technology, Euroscience/ESOF & Foresight EU Programme. B. Legal Action. (21 March 2010)

A. The European Institute of Technology, Euroscience/ESOF & Foresight EU Programme.

i. A word about the new European Institute of Technology initiative. I do not think that a stolen idea proposed by a despot has any chance of convincing and succeeding. The EIT idea was/is directly taken from the IMNRC-NewPOL Network. In other words, the EIT is a kind of IMNRC “à la Barroso” for Europe. The EIT as structured is a waste of time and money for many reasons. As I said before, disciplinary education and research is doomed. Those universities and academic research establishments (including the degrees they confer) that do not adapt to integrated interdisciplinary training shall become obsolete and have to disappear. Furthermore, the EIT shall cost a fortune to the tax payer (just great during the present economic/financial crisis!) for something that cannot improve world (or their) society well-being and quality of life (the 3rd Millennium's top priority). The EIT is nothing original: just a European copy of The Howard Hughes Institute and created to boost the EU President’s ego. The EU Presidency doesn’t care less about world society well being and quality of life.

The result being is that we now have two competitive - and not collaborative - initiatives each with different partners. One is European, technocratic and conventional (the EIT). The other is very avant-garde, open to the world and offering a concrete instrument to improve world society well being and quality of life (the IMNRC-NewPOL Network).

ii. Euroscience (ESOF) was created on the same basis: an idea directly taken from what was going to be - and is now - the IMNRC-NewPOL Network.

iii. The Foresight EU Programme was also directly inspired from the IMNRC-NewPOL Network.

In my profile, I wrote the following: "Perhaps I am not all that motivated to publish "I did this or I found that" anymore. Knowledge is universal. Not "mine", nor "yours". "Physics of Life: The Awakening of Intelligence" has now become a kind of open book - hopefully to become a kind of human world grid - that is constantly changing, periodically updated and modified through interactive participation. This means that in the long run, the book shall "belong" to everyone and no one in particular."

Anyone is welcome to find inspiration in my work, initiatives and activities. But doing so without the slightest economic or academic recognition is a different proposition altogether. The latter is much less important since our views regarding academia have no common grounds with the existing system anyway.

B. Legal Action.

A question has been raised regarding legal action against European Institutions for plagiarism.

This is being considered. The situation is complex. The European Commission and Parliament contains the best and the worst. We owe a great deal to some high EC/EP officials, officers and staff. But these friends are disserved by unscrupulous colleagues who are responsible for the chronic internal dysfunctions that plague the European Institutions.

NewPOL Network: European Parliament "Brain Awareness Week / How our brain works: Recent advances in the theory of Brain Function" (16nth March 2010)

Very interesting conference today on Brain Function at the European Parliament.
Only the morning session was accessible on live video conference.


"Professor Friston's ideas build on an existing theory known as the "Bayesian Brain" which conceptualises the brain as a probablity machine that constantly makes predictions about the world and then updates them based on what it senses. A crucial element of the approach is that the probabilities are based on experience but they change when relevant new information becomes available. Making predictions and re-evaluating them seems to be a universal feature of the brain."

A few comments from an IMNRC-NewPOL Network perspective:


- What is the link to world society well being and quality of life?
- The proposed mathematical model may be useful to explain simple situations, but the mathematics becomes far too complex and difficult to use when applied to real life situations. Complexity does not necessarily mean performance. Which reminds me of Feynman: "Simple design. Intense content". A new investigative tool must be created that surpasses existing mathematics and makes the connection between "inert" and "live" matter. We propose the Interface (Interface Theory). It would be very interesting to see how we could articulate both proposals together.
- There is no mention of the importance of the State of Mind that in fact "precedes" or forms the background to the "Bayesian brain". It is the State of Mind that determines the way we collect, understand/assimilate, articulate data together, whatever the data.

- Predictions and re-evaluations depend on the "quality" of the brain. The educational system still formats the student in intellectual straitjackets making the human being unable to deal with challenges that are all inherently interdisciplinarily integrated in nature.

- The notion of togetherness (I am referring to the example of the flock of birds ["live" matter] as opposed to snowflakes ["inert" matter]) depends on the level of abstraction. The togetherness as presented is artificially fragmented. What is far more complex and much more important is to explore this togetherness between different levels of abstraction.

- A colleague mentioned that there were 666 brain related events during the European brain week. I said that each human being is a brain event in itself, not to mention all the activities that are taking place throughout the world (culture, politics, economics, medicine, science...) that are necessarily all brain events too. It doesn't make much sense to isolate a specific brain event from all the others.

- I wondered how the DMN could be explained using the proposed mathematical model. Can existing mathematics explain consciousness? What about artificial consciousness?

I had a private talk with the main guest before lunch and we may collaborate. We shall see.

On the other hand, the very aggressive tone of a Belgian academic in the afternoon session (open clash in the room!) illustrated the strong antagonism between some of the existing conventional academic and research institutions (part of "The System") in Belgium/Europe and a very avant-garde research center and organisation like ours (the IMNRC-NewPOL Network).

The video can be seen here [Morning session]

NewPOL Network: Conférence du Docteur David Servan-Schreiber. (12th March 2010)

Conférence très intéressante et courageuse du Docteur David Servan-Schreiber à la Faculté de Médecine de l'UCLouvain. Efficacité supérieure démontrée du traitement non classique (nutrition + méditation + exercice + soutien de groupe) des maladies chroniques. Les lobbys pharmaceutiques puissants conditionnent le raisonnement médical à utiliser leurs produits...

NewPOL Network: Interface Paradigm. (1rst February 2010)

A theory that would reconcile the theory of relativity and quantum theory, a "theory of everything" or unified theory of the "universe", would have to include Planet Earth (world) society well being and quality of life. This means articulating the different levels of abstraction together in a way that is compatible with the natural interconnectedness between all things. This is the Interface Paradigm.

NewPOL Network: Daniel Barenboïm - Piano Recital - Exceptional Gala Concert for the CCLJ's 50th Anniversary - 11nth February - Palais des Beaux Arts - Brussels, Belgium.

I wished to pay a special tribute to Daniel Barenboïm both as an artist and as a man, for his courage and exceptional peace endeavours regarding the Israelo-Palestinian Conflict.

NewPOL Network: The daunting challenge of the 3rd Millenium. (posted 27th January 2010)

It is easy to find some mathematical toy that is completely useless for biology. It is much more difficult to find a tool that can serve world society well being and quality of life. This is the "interface".

Il est facile de trouver un jouet mathématique complètement inutile pour la biologie. Il est beaucoup plus difficile de trouver un outil qui serve au bien être et la qualité de vie de la société mondiale
. C'est "l'interface".

NewPOL Network: Haïti Earthquake (6). (posted 27th January 2010)

More earthquakes in Haïti. NASA has decided to fly over the region to look for precursor signs of other potential earthquakes. This decision comes a few days after the NewPOL Network's open world call: CWIN 2 = "Earthquakes, Tsunami, Hurricanes... Forecasting, Monitoring and Human Disaster Prevention."

NewPOL Network: Haïti Earthquake (5).

If one had used as much energy to prevent the human consequences from natural disasters as that used to bring the fragments together, we would not have had the present situation in the first place! The NewPOL Network international call back in 2004 (CWIN 2: Earthquakes, Tsunami, Hurricanes... Forecasting, Monitoring and Human Disaster Prevention) was
left quite unheeded!

The NewPOL Network shall have to show the way.

NewPOL Network: Interface Paradigm. (15nth January 2010)

Most already know that the whole three week IMIRC congress shall be devoted to exploring what could possibly "be" an "interface", but one could describe The Interface Paradigm as a Universal Altruism. This still has to be debated of course... :-)

NewPOL Network: Haïti Earthquake (4).

I understand the world solidarity regarding Haïti, but this is not going to prevent another similar disaster from happening tomorrow. Je comprends cet élan de solidarité mondiale concernant Haïti, mais ce n'est pas cela qui empêchera une autre catastrophe humanitaire similaire de se produire demain.

NewPOL Network: Haïti Earthquake (3).

I am working on another integrated interdisciplinary project: cross-linking data from different sources (including satellite) to improve earthquake location prediction.
Je travaille sur un autre projet interdisciplinaire intégré: croiser les données de sources différentes (y compris par satellite) pour améliorer la prédiction du lieu d'un séisme.

NewPOL Network: Haïti Earthquake (2).

I can't help thinking that the main culprit regarding both disaster prevention and management is education. Once again, these are integrated interdisciplinary challenges, something education has not prepared us for. If "The System" is not completely rethought, our civilisation shall collapse.

NewPOL Network: Haïti Earthquake (1). (Posted 12 January 2010)

I am quite disgusted by the criminal inertia and general incompetence regarding human disaster prevention. The following link was written a few years ago s/cwin_2.htm. It shall soon be updated to include Italy and China. Let's hope that the disaster in Haïti shall convince the international community to help us launch CWIN-2!



NewPOL Network: The Copenhagen Flop. (19 December 2009)

The chronic inability to implement the notion of integrated interdisciplinarity spells danger. The Copenhagen Flop illustrates the System's - the United Nations' Organisation therefore - inability to deal with the 3rd Millennium's Top Priority: World Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

We must look elsewhere...

NewPOL Network - Conference Civil Protection Forum "Towards a more resilient society"

The logo of our organisation shall be published for the two day congress at the European Commission. This may spell hope for completely rethinking "The System".

Notre logo sera publié pour le congrès de deux jours à la Commission Européenne. C'est peut-être un début d'espoir pour repenser intégralement "Le Système".

Things do seem to be changing. I said: seem...

Care must be taken not to be swallowed by the "System".

NewPOL Network - Conference: "Can North Africa Satisfy Europe's solar energy needs?" (Posted 24 November)

I felt this question quite arrogant. It sounded as if the EU already owned the region. Unless I am much mistaken, this is not the case.

Not one representative from (North) Africa was present. The lack of North-South interconnectivity poses a serious threat to the practical applications of desert technology for Europe. Surprisingly, there was a blunt refusal to consider integrated alternatives, like the conversion of whole towns to the use of new/renewable energies. This is not the best way to achieve a global consensus. Energy is an integrated interdisciplinary Global Governance challenge...

The main oblective is world society well being and quality of life. Not just one fragmented project.

NewPOL Network - Elections de la Présidence du Conseil Européen/European Council Presidency Elections (Posted 24 November 2009)

Il aurait fallu une personnalité capable de changer "Le Système" à la tête du Conseil Européen ou de la Commission Européenne. On a plutôt choisi des valets du "Système".

Both the European Council and the European Commission needed a strong innovative personality to change "The System". The EU Governments preferred to choose "The System's" most faithful servants.

NewPOL Network - EU Balkans Conference (Posted 24 November 2009)

I felt uncomfortable during these two lectures. The EU made a complete mess of the situation in the Balkans and here I am witnessing countries in the region on their knees to form part of the EU...

Getting out of the conceptual maze is basically an interface issue. We should therefore set up an integrated interdisciplinary strategy to explore the interface. This is what the NewPOL Network is working on.

NewPOL Network - European Parliament (STOA) Workshop on Biodiversity (Posted 11 November 2009)

Everybody still seems to have a hell of a time trying to cross-link disciplines. What’s the point of getting a hundred experts together if they cannot cross-think/link in the first place? Integrated interdisciplinarity must first be achieved in ONE Mind. This is where education shows its limits, and that’s what we are also working on.

NewPOL Network - Conference: "Turkish foreign policy – where is it headed?" (Posted 2 November 2009)

The notion of State Identity shall have to be reconsidered in the long run. Nation psychology shall have to be reviewed. Fundamental changes are needed but only possible through collective awareness.

NewPOL Network - Conférence: "La paix au Moyen-Orient: Aujourd'hui ou Jamais..." (Posted 2 November 2009)

La notion d'identité d'Etat n'est-elle pas compromise à long terme...? Explosion démographique, promiscuité, changements climatiques, réfugiés de l'environnement, bouleversements géopolitiques, la faim, la soif, les inégalités, ... on sera bien obligé de revoir les "frontières". D'où la nécessité d'une Gouvernance Mondiale APRES avoir repensé "le Système".

NewPOL Network - Conference on Well-Being Program for 2030... (Posted 2 November 2009)

1. Opening speech by Mr Berlusconi - sorry, please forgive me, I mean Mr Barroso. Good talker, but not credible. I have the impression that Mr Barroso uses this kind of conference to improve his public image and gain popularity.

2. What is going to be the immediate impact of this conference tomorrow? This question can be asked for countless similar events and is by no means directed at this particular workshop.

We must go beyond these sterile academic entertainments.

Competitive - not collaborative - networking initiatives are increasing exponentially. These are doing more harm than good because they are disserving communication through hyperfragmentation. Their first objective is in fact power: developing their network to the detriment of another, a very undemocratic strategy to say the least. I urge Organisations/Researchers to be careful when registering for an event: this is often a subtle way for other unscrupulous organisations/institutions that lack inspiration to steal your own ideas without the slightest academic or economic recognition.

3. We reiterated our definition of well being and quality of life. Well Being and Quality of Life is the Interdisciplinary Integration of health, environment, society, culture, religion, education, R & D, everyday life, family, employment, finance, economy, politics, constitution, law, existential issues, etc... There is a need to create a National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Profile. Since National Society Well Being and Quality of Life is in essence an integrated interdisciplinary notion, you need an integrated interdisciplinary tool at governance level to create this profile. This is the Interface Ministry, an application of the "Interface Paradigm".

The Interface Ministry - one per country - is not yet another Ministry. Quite the opposite: the Interface Ministry integrates all the other existing Ministries. These shall be linked together to form a Network of interface Ministries, in turn linked to a UN/EU/Other...? DG Interface Department.

It is important to note that the Interface Paradigm, the Interface Ministry and the EU DG Interface Department proposals have been considered as highly appealing and encouraged respectively by Senior European Council and now only recently by European Commission Officials.

So, what are we waiting for...???

NewPOL Network - Space Conference. (Posted 19 October 2009)

Space is an Integrated Interdisciplinary Global Governance Challenge, just like Peace, Conflict Prevention, Environment, Health, Education, ... Artificially isolating any of these issues shall lead to failure.

I addressed a warning to all (about 400 people), including the Panel. The World "System" has turned planet Earth into a ticking time bomb... We must be very careful not to export this "System" into outer space and another viable planet as we shall one day be compelled to do.

Finally, since funding has been so difficult in Europe, I took the floor to inform the audience that we are now networking with the UAE.

NewPOL Network - Workshop: "Germany has voted. What next?" (Posted 19 October 2009)

The issue of raising or decreasing taxes was raised. I remarked that taxes should first be deserved. It is a question of good citizenship and national solidarity to pay for taxes provided that this works both ways. Should the State not respect the citizen’s elementary right to well being and a decent quality of life in his/her own country, he/she should have the possibility of questioning his/her obligation to pay for Direct Taxes.

NewPOL Network - Workshop: "Accelerating Eco-innovation through Environmental Technology Verification.” (Posted 19 October 2009)

This is another interface issue requiring an Integrated Interdisciplinary (II) approach. The post-workshop discussions revealed once more the inability of many to implement this notion. When invited to interface using II language, the Panel (and the connection) was lost. Many speak of II but do not understand it.

NewPOL Network: Workshop "Dialogue and Mediation as European Union Tools to Address and Prevent Conflict" organised by the Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation and Folke Bernadotte Academy with the support of the Swedish Presidency, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO). (11 October 2009)

Confict Prevention is an integrated interdisciplinary world governance issue that education has not prepared us for. I said this during the same Workshop two years ago. Conflict is multifactorial and cannot be artificially isolated from any other thematic. So we were back to where we started. This was depressing and frustrating: these workshops have no impact.
Fragmented approaches spell failure and should not be funded.


The human being should first solve his/her inner conflicts before trying to solve another's. Similarly, the EU should first resolve its own chronic internal dysfunctions and set an example to others before proposing dialogue and mediation tools to address and prevent conflict. This goes for the UN as well, of course.


Strangely, despite (or perhaps because of...) the NewPOL Network's major political breakthrough and contribution, the Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation, the Folke Bernadotte Academy and the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO) did not have the elementary courtesy to invite the NewPOL Network to the Dialogue Forum that followed. Perhaps there was a a Conflict of Interest... In any event, this lack of elegance came as a surprise from Institutions devoted to preventing conflict and bringing peace unto the world... Some should first look in the mirror before allowing themselves to council others.

NewPOL Network: Workshop "Thinking Across Disciplines – Shaping our Future Welfare Together" organised by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. (11 October 2009)

I was impressed by the DASTI's (DEA) approach to interdisciplinarity. Care must however be taken not to go in the opposite direction: multidisciplinarity can prevent multidisciplinarity. It is no use getting a whole crowd of experts together (giving the illusion of a holistic approach) if each remains disconnected because no one knows how to cross-link between their specialties. The interdisciplinary integration must first be achieved in one mind.

Many are interested in participating in the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC) that shall be held in China some time between 2010 and 2014. The NewPOL Network has found new partners. European Commission Officers approved our suggestion to create a DG Interface Department. I shall propose to direct this new Department.

NewPOL Network: Presidency of the European Council. (11 October 2009)

The NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator finds Tony Blair's decision to apply for the European Council Presidency quite surrealistic. "Tony Blair (Oxford University Graduate) has lied to and manipulated the entire international community. His application should not even be considered because ineligible. The European Council would only be discredited, " he declared.

Regarding Guy Verhofstadt's application, Belgium does not have the political maturity to represent the capital of Europe. If a candidate for the European Council Presidency is Belgian, he/she should first succeed in restoring Belgium's long lost international credibility. He/she has still to make him/herself known...


NewPOL Network. Debate on the EU Innovation Policy organised by the EPC (European Policy Center). (22 September 2009)

No one was able to give a definition of "Innovation" and "Creativity" in the first place: semantic problem. Innovation is basically an interface issue. It is very difficult to be innovative within a working structure that is itself fragmented, therefore obsolete (cf. Thematic Framework Programmes) and thus forces you to think in a direction opposite to what is needed: integrated interdisciplinarity. To my mind, we must FIRST "innovate" the Educational System!

NewPOL Network. Barroso reelected because there was no one else. (September 2009)

- Barroso Le Despote, suppôt du "Système" et garant de la démocratie surveillée a été réélu Président de la Commission Européenne. Bravo les Gouvernements!
- Barroso The Despot, the "System's" devoted advocate and faithful servant, stronghold of democracy under surveillance, has been reelected President of the European Commission. Bravo for the Governments!

NewPOL Network. General outcry in one of the most beautiful regions of the South of France (Var) regarding Toxic Waste Deposits. The case shall be presented to the European Commission by the NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator. [Pending...] (23 August 2009)

Despite alarming objective evidence established by bailiffs, extensive pollution of the region continues. Regional, National and European Directives are not respected. The general inertia of the French and European Authorities shall be highlighted by the Principal Coordinator.

NewPOL Network. 1. Interfaces: an illustration - 2. European Democratic Juntas - 3. NewPOL Consortium Network Foundation: update

4. Holiday I.Q. (13 August 2009)

1. Interfaces: an illustration

The videos [Interfaces 1.ppt] and [Interfaxes 2] nicely illustrate some important aspects of the Interface Paradigm.

2. European Democratic Juntas


Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's condemnation (August 2009) by the junta in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, deprives her of the possibility of being a candidate for the forthcoming elections. The junta's objective quite clearly is to once again destabilise the Nobel Prize Winner's impact on The System.

A very similar action was undertaken by the Belgian politico-financial clique - or Belgian democratic junta - against Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen depriving him of the time and resources necessary to prepare his European Parliament Pre-Election Campaign in 2007-2009.


Please check out [History] or

Could there be other European Democratic Juntas parading as Democracies?

3. NewPOL Consortium Network Foundation: important update.

Please check out

4. Holiday I.Q.

I.Q. < ---- > State of Mind


Try it out [Frogs awaiting...]

NewPOL Network. The International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC). (15 July 2009).

In order to understand the Universe, including therefore ourselves, we collect, assimilate/understand and articulate data together, whatever the data.

What collects, assimilates/understands and articulates the data together?

The Mind.

What influences the way you collect, assimilate/understand and articulate data together?

The State of Mind.

The International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC) in China explores the (Human) Mind on which depends world society well being and quality of life. The IMIRC is therefore essential for the future of Planet Earth.

The Human Mind organises, or rather...disorganises...!

So before restructuring, reorganising, rethinking, ..., we must FIRST explore this interface that is in turn linked to and cannot be dissociated from all interfaces. You cannot impose a structure, organisation, idea, ... because in so doing you fragment, divide, ... You have to work the other way round.

The IMIRC shall therefore be ideally suited (amongst other issues) for a comparative study of all the different religions, philosophies, cultures, social systems, policies, etc... of this world in order to evaluate their respective benefits and impacts on world society well being and quality of life TODAY!!!


I do hope that the conclusions shall serve as an electroshock to the international community.

This electroshock could well be what is so urgently needed to catalyse collective awareness and solidarity, harmonise the extremes, the basis for any viable form of Global Governance.

We do feel therefore that it is every country’s duty to participate in the organisation of the IMIRC. Just like international space stations and long distance space flights, each country shall be invited to take part in the construction of the first futuristic IMNRC (PART III of IMIRC) through different forms of collaboration.

Registration for Workshops, Posters, Sponsoring, ... including the Call for Network Programme Coordinators (NPCs) and Workshop Coordinators (WSCs) shall be open during the 2009-2010 Academic Year. More details shall be posted later.

NewPOL Network. 1. Barroso The Despot – Democracy in Danger. 2. The IMNRC-NewPOL Network – Agenda. (22 June 2009).

1. Barroso The Despot – Democracy in Danger

Many of you remember many months ago that after having openly criticised the World Banking System, the Fortis Bank, the Belgian Government and the European Institute of Technology initiative, my professional e-mail was blacklisted by Barroso and the Sec Gen.

I was not allowed to correspond any further with anyone inside the European Commission.

A few weeks later, I was prevented from having free access to the European Parliament by the EP Administration.

This reaction was quite unheard of and embarrassed many. Indeed, a citizen was prevented from freely communicating with the European Institutions, the “Champions of Democratic Rights”.

Mr Barroso’s and the Sec Gen’s interdiction notwithstanding, I continued to receive interesting official invitations from different DG Departments within the European Commission and the European Parliament and was regularly officially commended for my interventions, suggestions and advice.

Manuel Barroso’s (and the Sec. Gen’s) despotic reaction gave the impression that the European Institutions were in fact pseudo-democracies, a democracy under control (or surveillance). Worse, this prefigures a dictatorial democracy.

The President of the European Commission and Sec Gen refuse to consider any alternative to “their” vision of Europe, intimidate and muzzle an organisation if it represents a threat to “The System”.

I therefore challenge Manuel Barroso’s legitimacy to represent Europe and Democracy.

The course of history sometimes depends on one person (man or woman).

I am still candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission or Parliament. We would then be in an ideal position to change “The System” and work hand in hand with the population.

What has been the impact of the European Institutions and/or Any Other Country on world society well being and quality of life so far?



2. The IMNRC-NewPOL Network – Agenda 2009-2010

i. shall be updated, simplified and clarified

ii. Presentation of 5000 signatures for the next European Parliamentary Elections 2014 at the official reception and inauguration of the IMNRC-NewPOL Network in Tervuren, Belgium. The international media shall be present.

iii. International Diplomatic Campaign.

iv. Presentation before the Acting Director of the European Research Area (European Commission)

v. The Interface Paradigm – Interface Theory & Applications (Interface Assimilation Program/Understanding the Universe (and therefore ourselves)/Etc... – Book: 2nd edition.

vi. Concerts, workshops, conferences organised within the IMNRC-NewPOL Network premises.

vii. The NewPOL Network Foundation - IMNRC-NewPOL Network Annual Membership Subscription Fee.

viii. IMIRC (International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress) in China.

ix. The Interface Ministry Network.

x. shall become operational again in November.


NewPOL Network: 1. European Parliament Elections 2009 - 2. European Parliament Elections 2014 - 3. The Fortis Affair. The BNP Paribas Deal. 4. Agenda 2009-2014. A. The IMNRC-NewPOL Network. B. The Founding Director of the IMNRC and The Principal Coordinator of the NewPOL Network. (29 April 2009)

[Read More...]

NewPOL Network: Bonne opération dans l' Affaire Fortis-BNP Paribas. Mais La Belgique reste fidèle à sa réputation: petit pays, petit esprit. (28 avril 2009)

Le NewPOL Network souhaitait le démantèlement non seulement de Fortis, mais de tout le système bancaire/financier belge jugé corrompu et malsain. L'Organisation visait la démission suivi du remplacement intégral de toute la clique politico-financière en Belgique. Ce double objectif aurait été atteint si le non l'avait emporté entrainant une crise politico-financière sévère. Celle-ci aurait servi de catalyseur pour repenser complètement "le Système" (voir plus bas). Or - est-ce le manque de courage ou la lassitude? - c'est le camp du oui qui a "gagné". ["Gagné" car l'AG s'est tenue dans des conditions plus que contestables. Il y aura d'ailleurs un suivi judiciaire.] Résultat: démantèlement partiel de Fortis et maintient en place du gouvernement. La Belgique s'est encore ridiculisée.

Le système financier/bancaire belge s'écroulera de toute manière: Fortis (Delta Lloyd, Dexia, Ing, Keytrade, BKC, Argenta, Banque de la Poste, CPH, etc...) sont des banques condamnées à disparaître. Autant prendre les devant. Préparons la relève. Tant que celle-ci est encore possible.

NewPOL Network: Ping An votera contre la transaction avec BNP Paribas. C'est ce qu'avait souhaité le NewPOL Network. (26 avril 2009)

Dans un communiqué diffusé ce dimanche matin (26 avril 2009), l'assureur chinois Ping An a indiqué qu'il voterait contre la vente de Fortis Banque à BNP Paribas. "Nous pensons que le démantèlement de Fortis, qui n'était pas approuvé par les actionnaires, viole les procédures de corporate gouvernance et est destructrice de valeur pour les actionnaires. D'autres solutions crédibles et viables existent et doivent être examinées dans l'intérêt de l'ensemble des parties" explique Ping An.

Bruxelles (L'Echo) - Dans un bref communiqué diffusé ce dimanche matin, Ping An a fait part de son intention de voter contre le projet avec BNP Paribas. L'assureur chinois Ping An votera donc "non" lors des assemblées générales prévues les 28 et 29 avril prochain.


Article du NewPOL Network publié le 26 avril 2009 dans l’Echo (Internet) :

« Excellente nouvelle! Un vif remerciement à Ping An. Apparemment le NewPOL Network a été entendu! La voie est à présent ouverte à tous les contribuables en Belgique et au-delà des frontières pour repenser intégralement ensemble le système financier devenu impropre à la consommation. La confiance reviendra après un démantèlement complet concerté du système bancaire belge (et international, je l'espère) suivi de sa restructuration sur des bases plus saines. La Belgique aurait ainsi une très belle occasion de montrer l'exemple. Avec ses interminables et pitoyables conflits linguistiques, ce serait une opportunité pour notre petit pays de retrouver une certaine crédibilité internationale. »

NewPOL Network: Publication dans l'Echo en réaction au titre: "Fortis: la partie semble jouée." (12 avril 2009)

Fortis se réjouit un peu vite", déclare le NewPOL Network.

"Les banques, le gouvernement belge et les institutions européennes vous manipulent tous. D'après certaines sources, Le NewPOL Network demandera encore à Ping An de voter non. Le Système financier/bancaire mondial, qui a entraîné la récession économique et pris la population en otage, est malsain. Il DOIT être intégralement repensé grâce à une approche coordonnée intégrée interdisciplinaire du bas vers le haut (les contribuables) et du haut vers le bas (en collaboration avec des personnalités courageuses - inexistentes actuellement - au sommet de la hiérarchie). L'Institution financière/bancaire telle qu'elle existe actuellement est condamnée. Comment peut-on encore faire confiance à ce système et à tous ces gens qui ont fait tellement de dégâts! "Lorsque la bêtise s'est mise à penser..." (Jean Cocteau). Les "Non" peuvent encore donner le coup de grâce au Système et ainsi devenir le catalyseur d'un changement salutaire au-delà des frontières." écrit le NewPOL Network.

NewPOL Network: Earthquake in Italy: around 300 victims = Criminal Inertia and Indifference. (12th April 2009)

The following (2004) is reproduced from the NewPOL Network’s Main Page...

« (...)

« The devastating human consequences of the Tsunami in Asia back in 2004 could have been avoided had preventive measures been taken.

« The main culprit here was indifference, inertia

« The general reaction was: "What are we going to do?"

« Humanitarian organisations and cohorts of specialists (scientists, medics, epidemiologists, psychologists, engineers, geophysicists, other "-ists"...) came over to try (...) to cope with the situation.

« But this was all too late!

« As usual...

« The solidarity, more emotional than rational, was not as worldwide and constructive as could have been imagined. Both the The United Nations and The European Union were unable to react as united entities. Reactions were fragmented.

« As usual.

« And too late.

« As usual.

« Who has really benefited from the raised funds? Shall this prevent other earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters from happening and making thousands of victims in the future?

« I doubt it.

« Governments declared their intention to shell out millions of dollars/euros to cover expenses - much more than what would have been required to set up a monitoring device in the first place - but what has become of all these funds? Have there been any concrete political, economic and scientific solutions? Perhaps the initial reaction was trying to prevent something worse: a human tsunami of angry people who would certainly have wiped out idle governments, scientists, politicians and their inert bureaucratic Institutions and Organisations.

« What have the United Nations, the European Community, the sophisticated International Organisations (Health, Scientific, Medical, Political, Educational, Social, Humanitarian, Religious...) been doing actively to prevent this from happening?

« You tell me.

« It may be time to turn to the NewPOL Network if you don't want this to happen ever again...


No-one turned to the NewPOL Network.

Then came the hurricanes Katrina, ... You could reproduce word for word the above: prevention = 0

Then came the earthquake in China, ... You could reproduce word for word the above: prevention = 0

Then came the earthquake in Italy... You could reproduce word for word the above: prevention = 0

Then there shall be another earthquake/tsunami in country XYZ...and we shall again be able to reproduce word for word the above: prevention = 0


The scientific and political community’s inertia and indifference regarding the terrible human consequences of natural hazards are shocking, not to say criminal.

Many knew that the inhabitants in Italy lived in a region at risk. Yet nothing was done. The population was not displaced and special earthquake/seismic resistant constructions were not undertaken.

What is the problem ? The Human Being. Money, money, money... Education.

I have heard many desperate colleagues yelling out for preventive measures worldwide! Nothing is done. Or rather, we do have the usual cohorts of fragmented projects, but with no impact.

It would be much better to get each and every project that is natural hazards oriented included in these cohorts together into one UNIQUE integrated interdisciplinary coordinated/synchronised project on worldwide natural hazards, or extending this to the Environment.

This we can help everyone to do. Through Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks (CWINs).

NewPOL Network: Fortis Bank/Group. The NewPOL Network rejects the recent agreement between Fortis, BNP-Paribas and the Belgian Government (8 March 2009).

Fortis and the Belgian Government are becoming quite desperate. We may be witnessing yet another serious Belgian Government Crisis and the end of Fortis. The "System" is struggling by whatever means to keep its hold on Society.

How can you possibly trust a holding whose unscrupulous behaviour and manipulation of others has created such enormous difficulties both for thousands of citizens and for the country at large?

How can you possibly trust a Belgian Government that has not only worked hand in hand with Fortis, but whose lack of political maturity has led to its national and international lack of credibility?

Fortis must be completely dismantled, a new government must be created and, as we said before, the financial and economic systems must be completely rethought. On a world concerted basis.

[Version française - French version]

NewPOL Network: Fortis Bank/Group. "The Belgian Financial System and the Belgian Government are the one and the same: they are not to be trusted as structured," says the NewPOL Network (6th February 2009).

"Fortis Bank should be entirely dismantled and forced to refund shareholders. Failing this, the Belgian Government should refund. If not, a supranational authority should make sure that it does," proposes the NewPOL Network.

The International Community should learn from the World Financial Crunch and the resulting World Economic Recession. This is the time to start anew and completely rethink the World Financial and Economic Systems. [Report pending...]

NewPOL Network: Official Pre-Election Campaign for the 2009 European Parliament Elections launched 1rst February 2009.

Programme and Online Petition:

Poster: available by clicking here.

Everyone is welcome to sign, but only those signatures from Belgian/Non Belgian Residents in Belgium (Brussels-Hal-Vilvorde and Wallonia Regions) are recognised by Belgian Law.

NewPOL Network: Ticking World Time Bomb & International Inertia. "What the hell is everybody doing?" asks the NewPOL Network.

We propose the creation of a CWIN (Customised World Interdisciplinary Network) on the Environment. This shall enable us to set up a world wide coordinated integrated interdisciplinary approach to the Environment. This is an explicit conclusion of many congresses and workshops on environmental issues.

As it happens, a CWIN on Conflict Prevention – enabling a world wide coordinated integrated interdisciplinary approach to Conflict - is also being given theoretical consideration.

Similarly, a world wide coordinated integrated interdisciplinary approach to Poverty Related Diseases (PRDs) (CWIN on PRDs) seems most likely. The latter also formed an explicit conclusion of a world congress on Poverty Related diseases that was organised by the European Commission (Research).

The essential point to highlight here is that world wide coordinated integrated interdisciplinary approaches are needed on any issue that has a direct bearing on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

What is quite fascinating is that these different CWINs can be merged together.


The International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC).


So what is everybody waiting for???


More talks, more workshops, more conferences, cocktails and dinner parties followed by the inevitable succession of sophisticated reports that are probably not even read anyway?








NewPOL Network: Linguistic Hatred in Belgium.

Open letter to the Belgian Government illustrates well how community/linguistic tensions are created and exacerbated by a chosen few leading to social conflict. The account relates personal experience.

"Lorsque la bêtise se met à penser..." (Jean Cocteau).

[Read more...]

NewPOL Network: Proposes World Summit on World Conflict Prevention. This necessarily means a World Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

Sooner or later, frontiers artificially defined shall have to bow to necessity: world survival and harmony.

This means a world without frontiers. There shall be a vital need for space.

The Human Being has ONE territory: Our Planet Earth.

The Human Being has ONE nationality: Our Planet Earth.


Very simple really.


But start thinking and everything becomes very complicated, whomever or wherever the thinker.

Something has gone wrong in the very way human beings process data, whatever the data.

A change in thinking paradigm is vital. We propose "The Interface Paradigm" an extraordinary powerful tool that enables you to go even beyond the Big Bang.

Frontiers (territorial, ethnic, cultural, social, educational, professional, political, religious, ideological, philosophical, mental, physical, ...) is a fundamental interface issue that shall be extensively explored during Part I of the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC) under Network Program 3: “The Mind”.

Organising the IMIRC is a formidable task that requires coordinated international collaboration. For further information, please contact us.

NewPOL Network: Belgium undergoes yet another government crisis (December 2008) with resulting loss of international respect and credibility.

The NewPOL Network again offers its services to King Albert II of Belgium to solve the Belgian Crisis and create a new constitution. "The atmosphere is becoming very unhealthy in this country," the NewPOL Network says. "The whole System is breaking down."

"The root of the problem is in fact the Belgian mentality itself," says NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator. "The issue is therefore very complex. The Belgian Mentality has created The Belgian System that has in turn fragmented this country into bits and pieces, leading to conflict. Now that we have the correct diagnosis, we are still nowhere. The next step is finding an adequate treatment. And this is a different proposition altogether. What is a "mentality"? A "mentality" has countless interactive components... How is one going to "treat" a "mentality"? On what grounds? Changing a "mentality" into what? Into "something" is just offering yet another direction, therefore fragmenting again. So changing the mentality into something is no solution. There is a need to propose a paradigm that isn't one and that therefore does not lead to any System. This is The Interface Paradigm. So before discussing any further, there is first and foremost the need to completely restructure the educational system. The latter shall in turn allow a better understanding of the essential importance of interfaces, from fundamental research to everyday life to international relations."

The NewPOL Network shall then propose an open public discussion on the Interface Paradigm. [Report pending...]

NewPOL Network: European Parliament Sakharov Prize Not Credible.

"The European Parliament has been awarding the Sakharov Prize to people who have dedicated their lives to defending human rights and mutual understanding for 20 years."

The Sakharov Prize is not credible because awarded by an institution that is not credible regarding human rights and mutual understanding. The European Parliament wishes to give the outside international appearance that it is a champion of human rights and freedom of expression, when in fact it is nothing of the sort. Just like the despotic few at the European Commission, the European Parliament tries to muzzle, censor and intimidate a citizen if he/she represents a threat to The System. Please see below.

NewPOL Network: European Consultations Campaign = Tell me your thoughts... "Please be very careful," the NewPOL Network warns.

"Giving all European citizens an opportunity to join in the discussion on how the EU can shape our economic and social future in a globalised world, by taking part in an online debate on national websites launched on December 3 in every EU member state – the first stage in a process which will culminate in a European Citizens’ Summit in May 2009."

Sounds nice, doesn't it? The trouble is that this initiative is supported by the European Commission and European Parliament that in turn support "The System". This means that either the above (and similar initiatives, if supported by the European Commission and Parliament) is in line with "The System" or it is not and "The System" is going to make sure that it is going to be.

Considering the democratic regression that is taking place at the European Commission and Parliament (including Belgium), we must remain very vigilant.

The complexities of the European Institutions are such that before going any further, these must first be simplified. The Institutions must be completely restructured. This may pave the way to public institutional respect, a notion that can only be deserved and not imposed, and that must work both ways, from bottom-up to top-down. Then comes institutional eligibility and credibiity, and finally the legitimate right to encourage free exchange of ideas, freedom of expression, free circulation of information and promote democracy.

NewPOL Network: Fortis collapses. Internet Campaign is a success.

The Fortis Bank had tried to destabilise the whole NewPOL Network Enterprise by creating enormous difficulties to the organisation's Principal Coordinator and his family. Despite the NewPOL Network's concrete achievements and two major breakthoughs (scientific/medical and political), no-one moved to help out despite urgent requests for assistance to the Belgian Government, European Commission and European Parliament.

There followed a very virulent campaign against the Fortis Bank on Internet.

The national and international indifference, together with the established politico-financial manipulations and unscrupulous behaviour of the Fortis Bank, seems to have stirred international opinion, mostly behind the scenes.

NewPOL Network: Suggestion to add a fourth priority for the forthcoming Czech EU Presidency is adopted.

During a Debriefing/Briefing Meeting on the French and Czech Presidencies, at the Egmont Palace, Brussels on 12 December 2008 , the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the European Union presented the 3E Priority Programme of the Czech Presidency: 1. Economics. 2. Energy. 3. External Relations.

The NewPOL Network proposed the creation of a 4th Priority: Education.

The proposition was accepted. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: The European Commission and European Parliament. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: The following communication was received from the European Commission (RTD - Research DG): "The European Commission thanks the NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator and Founding Director of the International Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Research Center for his enthusiastic participation in the conference "Challenges for the future, research on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis". The European Commission thanks him for his suggestions and comments which greatly contributed to the success of the conference. His input will be taken into account in the preparation of the final report, for which further comments can still be sent." [Report pending...]

NewPOL Network: Updated Resume (3rd edition - November 2008) now available. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: European Parliament (Accreditation Center) refuses permanent free access to the NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator. The European Parliament Administration wishes to prevent the NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator from freely exchanging ideas and facilitating cross-thinking within their premises. By muzzling and intimidating a citizen, the European Parliament shows its true nature and perhaps hidden intentions: controlling democracy. In other words, a dictatorial democracy. Superficially giving the appearance of outreaching to the public for better filtering. [Report pending...]

NewPOL Network: The democratic regression that seems to be taking place inside the European Commission (Sec Gen) is cause for concern. Indeed, does this prefigure the European Commission’s desire to control the European Citizen in the Future? [Report pending...]

NewPOL Network: Principal Coordinator launches his pre-electoral campaign for the forthcoming European Parliament Elections.

NewPOL Network: European Commission prevents free circulation of material on Internet and intimidates the public citizen. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: Coincidence or Intimidation? Following preceding article "The World Banking System - The Big Crunch - Action Please!", the professional e-mail address of NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator was put on the European Commission's server's blacklist.

"Someone – or a « technical » problem, but why now... ? – at the European Commission is preventing free circulation of information. This is regrettable in a democracy. The matter is being treated seriously at the Commission", the NewPOL Network reports. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: The World Banking System - The Big Crunch - Action Please! [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: World Time Bomb - Pilot Schemes - Avant-garde Research. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: World Society Well Being and Quality of Life. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: Vandalism at the IMNRC Headquarters in Tervuren, Flanders, Belgium. Official complaint filed to local police on 21rst August 2008.

NewPOL Network: Offer to improve the Well Being and Quality of Life of the Elderly in Flemish Institutions for the Elderly (Tervuren - Flanders - Belgium) rudely dismissed. « Speak Flemish or get out ! ». [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: The Human Interface & Conflict. International Appeal: Introducing a New Scenario. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: The Belgian Crisis August 2008. The NewPOL Network proposes its services to the King of Belgium, but His Majesty is too busy. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: Wanted! New Capital of Europe!

"Belgium does not have the political maturity to represent the Capital of Europe", says the NewPOL Network. The expression "
Belgium/Brussels, the Capital of Europe” discredits Europe more than anything else. "If the Belgian System is not completely rethought, Europe should find itself another Capital worthy of that name" the NewPOL Network warns.

NewPOL Network: ICT in Belgium 2008. "Before The European Institutions allow themselves to criticise China regarding democratic rights and internet circulation of information, perhaps they should take a look at what is happening in Belgium", the NewPOL Network suggests. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: Little Belgium 2008 - The System. [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: Crisis & Conflict - The Belgian Institutional Crisis July 2008 - IMIRC. NewPOL Network proposes to set up a new Belgian Constitution. [Read more...] - [Pour en savoir plus...]

NewPOL Network: European Parliament Elections 2009 - International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC). [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: "How can the Human Being change the suicidal course of Humanity ?" [Read more...]

NewPOL Network: Simplifying EU Institutional Complexities. [Read more...]

The EU Constitution 2008: EU Arrogance and Irish "No". "The System has turned the EU into a dictatorial democracy", the NewPOL Network warns. [Read more...]

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): tension between the NewPOL Network and the European Commission (DG Education and Culture Department). [Read more...]

NewPOL Network proposes to create an international network of Interface Ministries. These would be linked to a EP/EC/UN DG Interface Department. Discussions under way with the European Council. [More soon...]

NewPOL Network extends throughout the African Continent. [More soon...]

NewPOL Network proposes to create Interface DG Departments for the European Parliament and European Commission. [More soon...]

NewPOL Network - Resume of activities and achievements - 2nd edition (April 2008). [Read more]

A more detailed paper is available by reading the NewPOL Network General Introduction (13nth edition).

2nd Hard Copy Edition of "IMNRC - NewPOL Consortium Network: The Interface Paradigm": under preparation.

Belgian Government Crisis - The NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator proposes to form the new Belgian government.
World Society Well Being and Quality of Life - Jurisprudence (2nd edition)

The NewPOL Network is exploring the possibility of integrating the notion of society well-being and quality of life into the Belgian ---?---> European ---?---> World Jurisprudence. [Read more...]


The NewPOL Network proposes its services to the Belgian Government to solve the national crisis. The theory of complex systems holds that the more complex a system is, the more inert it becomes. The NewPOL Network simplifies complexities. [Read more (English)...] - [Pour en savoir plus (Français) ...]

Head of Belgian Government replies that the NewPOL Network may be considered if all else fails.


1rst Hard Copy Edition of "IMNRC - NewPOL Consortium Network: The Interface Paradigm": sold out!

wpe5.jpg (32130 bytes)

The book shall serve to invite interactive local, regional, national and international discussions with the public (whatever the background, ethnic origin and condition) relayed by the Press and TV/Radio programs on the internal dysfunctions of The System, the object being to improve World Society Well Being and Quality of Life. We shall be examining what IS and what IS NOT working in World Society. Considering the present world situation, a thorough vertical integrated interdisciplinary study across frontiers of the latter is not only essential but urgent.

We tentatively propose a solution: the Interface (or NewPOL Network) Paradigm.

Copies may be ordered directly by clicking on the secured Form.

Alternatively, payment may be settled by international bank transfer onto the Organisation's account. The latter can be found on the NewPOL Consortium Network Foundation's Home Page. [NB. We are changing banks. The new account number shall be posted as soon as possible.] In this case, I would suggest that the above Form be used to write in the requested number of copies and the address for delivery.

The NewPOL Network Impression so far...

The European Commission: 1980 - 2007.

The European Parliament: 2004 - 2007.

May 2007: The European Commission openly encourages two important NewPOL Network Project Resolutions regarding:

1) Atmospheric and Sound Pollution above and around Brussels from airplane traffic.

2) Linguistic and Community concerns and the democratic regression experienced by the minorities in Belgium.

A room shall be made available (capacity about 80 people) for the NewPOL Network at the European Commission's Headquarters (Berlaymont Building) in Brussels to set up the project resolutions, including the possibility of discussing the above issues at the highest level.

The growing importance of this section has obliged us to spread out the correspondence exchanged into monthly sections: [Summary including May 2007] - [June 2007] - [July 2007] - [August 2007] - [September 2007] - [October 2007] - [November 2007] - [December 2007] - [February 2008] - [March 2008 pending] - [April 2008] - ... - [December 2008] - [January 2009] - [June 2009] - ...

28th January 2007. The operational threshold of 20 reliable National Coordinating Teams finally attained!

NB.1. The present core of 20 NC Teams must not only be consolidated but also enlarged - ideally to 30 NC Teams - so as to buffer any liabilities and stay clear of the operational threshold of 20 NC Teams on a permanent basis. NC Team Applications are therefore welcome.

NB.2. No sooner had we succeeded in finding 20 NC Teams that two NC Teams let us down followed by another. They had to be replaced. This explains why the first hard copy edition was only published late June 2007. Finding reliable partners is extremely difficult whatever the ethnic origin. Not surprising that this world is so chaotic.

I explained the reason for the minimum quota of 20 NC Teams. This was a requirement that was more felt than said and that I was given to understand after assisting many meetings. There are billions of human beings on this planet and hundreds of countries. One NC Team would not have been very credible... 15 NC Teams is much better. Twenty NC Teams would seem the best bet for a good take off and guarantee of success. The FIRST impact/impression is very important.

19nth September 2006. First CWIN (Customised World Interdisciplinary Network) launched: CWIN 4-1 (Bladder Cancer). [Read more...].

International Community turns to the NewPOL Network.

[1. The NewPOL Network Paradigm: an alternative? - 2. World Unhappiness & Violence: the Well-Being of Society and Quality of Life = ? - 3. Action. What does it mean exactly: to act ? - 4. EU FP = EU PF? - 5. The research programme of the EC: an important step for cooperation in Europe?]

1. The NewPOL Network Paradigm: an alternative?

An increasing number of people from all backgrounds and nationalities who are growing tired of the United Nations and the European Union are beginning to show a keen interest in the NewPOL Network.

Indeed, traditional/conventional Institutions and Establishments seem quite helpless in dealing with this auto-destructive, chaotic and violent World that they may themselves have contributed to create in the first place.

Sitting in your office, maybe in front of your own microscope or elaborating complex theoretical analyses, preparing your school/university examinations, on vacation or just doing some shopping, some may ask themselves: "What has my job or what have my own activities (interests, focussed research projects, leisure, daily life occupations, ...) got to do with that growing frustration, unhappiness and violence out there?"

Well, if a bomb suddenly exploded in your own lab, school, office or just in your street, many would consider this apparently somewhat abstract idea under a different and less detached perspective.

Ask yourselves:

- What is the missing link? (*)

- What is the common denominator? (*)

(*): Please check out The Missing Link on the IMIRC Web Page.

The NewPOL Network is now becoming an international reference, an open book and a source of inspiration to many from whatever background, education, culture, social condition or religion.


2. World Unhappiness & Violence: the Well-Being of Society and Quality of Life = ?

I received some time ago a list of more than 200 Projects that were recently accepted by the European Commission. I scanned through the Project Titles and Descriptions.

I then wondered how many Acronyms there could be on Cordis...

Well, this made me feel rather uneasy.

So many Projects. And yet...

They were like a vast crowd of self-satisfied people, some with arrogant and hardened Egos nearly breaking at the seams with their own self-importance and self-achievements [so different from Einstein who was a very simple man and easily approachable; but Einstein was...well...Einstein!] whilst others just looking on, waiting and hoping... A collectivity with everyone gathered "together", some tolerating specialised selective exchanges whilst at the same time ignoring the very existence or presence of his/her neighbour. Worlds not meeting.

Specialised communication ... <----> ... discommunication ... <----> ... fragmentation ... <----> ... frustration ... <---> ... disharmony ... : doesn't leave much room for intelligence.

In the last few years, there have been thousands of Projects "selected" by both the European Commission, EU and Non-EU Institutions.

Many of these Projects are indeed interesting in their respective specialised (fragmented) areas.

But have they had any IMPACT on the Quality of Life and the Well-Being of World Society at large?


Have all these Projects made YOU feel any better? Or made your FAMILY or NEIGHBOUR feel any happier? What about that old man (or woman, or child) trying to survive in a back street somewhere in Africa, South/North America, Asia or Europe, has HE/SHE felt any difference? Yet he/she may also have some interesting suggestions regarding the Well-Being of Society and Quality of Life (in her/his own words of course): she/he is no different from us.

Something is going wrong somewhere.

The issue raised here has been - and is - the frustrating outcome of innumerable interesting initiatives, academic/artistic presentations, books, papers, ...: no future. The potential and enthusiasm of the respective authors/artists/teams/groups/consortia are, more often than not, smothered and dissipated by a chronic lack of communication (both in quality and quantity) and coordination, by inertia and by The System. Some get a face-lift and are rebooted through similar initiatives (or new editions...), but the fireworks don't last forever.

We now have an elegantly simple a-cultural and universal tool (please refer to the NewPOL Network Paradigm) that shall enable us to simplify complexities and dissolve these barriers to interactivity.

Only collective conscience shall succeed in improving World Society Well-Being and Quality of Life. This is one of the reasons why the CWINS (cf. below) were created.

3. Action. What does it mean exactly: to act?

When checking out the main web pages for the first time, some may have the impression that the NewPOL Network is merely philosophical and that there is no action.


What does it mean exactly: to act?


The NewPOL Network (Paradigm) is not easy to understand, for anyone.

Indeed, the NewPOL Network is not philosophical - besides, I don't like "philosophising": leave this for cocktail parties - but action.

The majority "act", whilst in fact they are re-acting, their action more often than not based on - or conforming to - a fragmented template created by The System. This leads to further fragmentation...imitation...and lack of creativity: a vicious circle where "action" is wasting energy and ... money.

Considering the present world situation, I do not feel that all the "action" undertaken so far has been very conclusive. So understanding what precedes action and how to act is of fundamental importance.

If you review our Programme under Agenda, you shall see that there is nothing but action waiting for us!

Countless things to do!

The trouble is that the great majority are the result of The System and therefore necessarily lack vision. Remember the link I gave you to our former Greek NC Team Leader's Progress Report 3 ---> Opening closed minds (through the notion of interfaces) is one of the basic missions for each NC Team and this shall necessarily produce action. The bulk of the NewPOL Network represents colleagues who are definitely interested in the organisation but who prefer to remain in the background for many reasons, the main one being that they prefer others to do the hard work.

If society in general continues to "act" as it has been doing so far, then I fear for our children.

Changing mentalities is a huge challenge and our worst enemy is: inertia. Acting like sheep shall get you nowhere.


Once the NewPOL Network Programme is launched, there shall be so much action that we must be sure to have a reliable and solid structure to support the Programme.

4. EU FP = EU PF? (25 January 2006)

I fear that the overall impact of the forthcoming EU FP7 as such on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life shall be limited.

Firstly, the FP is created by an Institution that has not only lost contact with the public but that has also lost much international credibility.

The NewPOL Network, on the other hand, is gaining popularity by the day.

Secondly, instead of FP, perhaps one should read PF for "Programmed Frameworks". The FP is a caricature of compartmentalised education and research, an illustration of the present day outdated national educational systems, programming the research community's potential within a predetermined framework: ideas/projects are channelled in focussed areas and themes, enforcing barriers to intercommunication and understanding.

The NewPOL Network dissolves barriers (instead of creating them), means freedom and hope.

I also feel sorry because billions of euros are going to be wasted.

I recently visited some of the EU urls and came across pages and pages of text. I succumbed to an overdose of information, flared up and told a friend: "I am certainly NOT going to go through all that text! Waste of energy. What the hell, dissolve the whole confounded FP and start anew with new people! Enough TEXT. Enough MEETINGS. ACTION please!"

Indeed, I am also tired of listening to speeches. Some speakers give very compelling and convincing lectures...but more often than not, I have the impression that they have concentrated all their efforts and energy in that one speech, for the gallery. After answering questions, giving advice and listening to praise from the audience, they travel back home and that's that. No practical follow-up. The hard part - action - is left to "others"...most of whom in turn wait for more speeches and "leaders" to take the responsibility of getting down to some REAL action. A real mess.

The NewPOL Network says: "Stop!".

Many I have met at the Commission and Parliament are raging at the incredible inertia regarding many decisions of great importance in just about any area. No practical follow-up! But meetings to discuss the possibility of follow-ups - including cocktails - certainly!

Internal dysfunctions have been plaguing the EC for a long time: the EC is the victim of its own system.

My impression is that many have had bold innovative ideas (like Commissioner Potocnik), but that these have been pulled back and the enthusiasm behind them deliberately broken, in and outside the European Commission, by rigid conventional peers who do not understand or believe in them in the first place. As explained above, interdisciplinarity is a notion that is not understood, but that is "tolerated" at best out of political necessity: outward appearances.

The NewPOL Network is also under pressure. The System is certainly not going to let go that easily. The NewPOL Network Paradigm is very new and shall have profound consequences in just about any area. Many are very enthusiastic, others cling to their beliefs and traditions. Still others feel uneasy (or perhaps are afraid of the unknown)...but this uneasiness is already very strong with The Present System. So why not change paradigm?

If you want to create a project that is really worth while not only for yourself but also for others and you feel really concerned with our children's future, then please tell your colleagues to act more responsibly and show a little more personality by helping us create the last four National Coordinating Teams.

Then we shall be able to help Commissioner Potocnik and ERA. This means funds.

5. The research programme of the EC: an important step for cooperation in Europe?

Cooperation based on a conventional and outdated model is regression. Continue that kind of "cooperation" and "Europe" shall implose with serious consequences for World Society Well Being and Quality of Life.

The basic template for action is inappropriate: please refer above to "3. Action. What does it mean exactly: to act?" The present European (and EC) vision of cooperation is still far too fragmented, creating further barriers to intercommunication whilst giving the impression to the contrary. Europe is playing a dangerous game.

I have personally been assisting important and very interesting debates and meetings at the Commission and Parliament. The EC has been - and is - struggling with its Research Programme. I know. They need help. This we are in a position to give them.

NewPOL Network Meetings.

Call for Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks (CWINs).

Call for National Coordinators (NCs).